Do you need to be another fanatic for a success story?

People who are enthusiastic succeed but when does achieving your dreams become fanaticism. Achieve your dreams yes but when does an actionable person become a fanatic for success?.

You want to be successful. People who are successful seem to drive by a constant beginner’s hunger that is never fulfilled. But is that you?, Can you be a fanatic about what you do? or do you really want to be that success story? Accomplishment needs limits even for fanatics.

Are successful people just boring fanatics?

Some of the most boring people I know seem to be fanatic about what they do. But these people are brilliant at doing the things they do and if you ask any question about their passion they can answer it. But sometimes you ask these people a question and they will go into overwhelming detail about it. When all you want to a straightforward solution to a question about music for example. The will go into too much detail and bore you with technicalities because of some advanced music theory rule. Instead of just giving you a guide to the circle of 5ths. Which most people would want, however, if you know they are the person to go to if you have a specialist question normally.

A devotee is more successful than a fanatic.

Someone who is devoted to what they do is probably much more likely to successful than a fanatic. Where we might get the odd fanatic who becomes very successful it tends to be devotees that generally do better in the real world. simply because fanatics unlike devotees cant have their minds changed so easily. I am not going to become a dictionary here but I want to get this done. Yes, that is my idea of a devotee, not the fanatic who will dwell on something for so long the idea may expire.

Being accomplished in your own mind is that success

Take me for example I am the opposite of successful to some anyway. Maybe it’s because I don’t drive or own my own home and all the rest of the keep up with the jones crap. But I have most things I need the rest of them I just want and I accept that I can’t have at the moment so I am happy enough so I could consider myself successful in a way.

Success starts in the mind, so I am successful because it’s a mindset. I may not be in the Forbes 500 financially but is that being accomplished. Money seems to be the way we tend to judge others and our own success level in life. As much as I hate to say it money can’t actually buy you happiness it buys you comfort and convenience. But not happiness or success so if having money is success and money does not make you happy. Does this mean that rich and successful people are not happy so they are not successful? This video tells you why successful people are not happy at all look at it after reading the rest of the post if you wish.

Time to stop believing what TV tells you.

When you look at TV it basically defines it’s own version of success. The television tells us that we have to be living like x,y and z if we are then we are successful. But that’s the great thing about being online and productive, when you are productive online you don’t get consumed by unnecessary wants and so-called needs. These mainstream ideologies of what success is are not so in your face. So you start building your own idea of what success is and what it’s not. But you have to use that fanatic success mindset sometimes. Just a little to create boundaries like how important it is to achieve this and what lengths are you willing to go to in order to achieve success.

Start eating your elephant piece by piece.

Have you defined your success realistic target yet? Take a look at this screenshot saying what I still have to do with this blog post for it to be successful. So if I am to get all these right then this is a successful blog post then is it not?. Well according to the bible SEO gurus it would be, however, there is another problem. This is just the technical side of the blog post and it just means I have done that correctly. It just means that the blog post-to-do list is good and not that it is ever going to be found online easily.

fanatic success in SEO
Fanatic success in SEO

But you found this post then it is a success that’s one piece of the elephant. So what about the rest and do I really want to have the whole elephant to myself. Of course not it’s way too much for one person. This is why SEO talks about outbound links being a ranking factor in content marketing. Because if you want to be found you have to network and fanatics are terrible at networking unless they are networking fanatics. If I was a fanatic I would easily convince myself that everyone will take my word as a religious document of rulesbible. So I would and not link to other people’s opinions.

A fanatic success drive is want not need.

You don’t actually need to be so called successful. If you do then you are a little bit of a fanatic. What do you think do you have to be a fanatic to achieve success?. Or are you better being an out of the box thinker and doer.


2 responses to “Do you need to be another fanatic for a success story?”

  1. Hi Chris, Had a quick read through this. I see you use Yoast ~ I also use this and you are right even with a perfect Yoast score it doesn’t mean your post will be easily found. This is just one part of the SEO there are many other factors. Probably chief among these is choosing the right keywords to fit in your article. I think as well things like comments, shares, and legit backlinks also help. I read that adding a Youtube video and linking to a high DA website such as Wikipedia also can help.

  2. Thanks for the tip Alex I just added a video to the post. If anything it will increase time on page which is another seo factor. As for a wikipedia link sometimes I do this for posts with technical words.