otto for chrome timer for websites

Otto chrome extension timer for websites block sites easily

A timer for websites Otto for chrome. Need less time on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram even less time watching youtube?. Get notified when you spend too long on a website with the otto chrome extension. This handy chrome website blocking extension. This time limit chrome extension on sites can help increase productivity by limiting the amount of time you spend on time-consuming sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, even Reddit.

Keep track of the time you spend on websites using otto chrome website blocking extension

Otto is a cool little chrome website blocking extension that I am trying out today after reading a Reddit about it being launched. Reddit is not one of the sites that I would block but I tend to spend a little too much time on the sharing site. This is how a website looks when it is blocked with the otto chrome website blocking extension is active look it won’t let you visit the website on google chrome.

Otto a chrome website blocking extension

chrome website blocking extension
No access to a website otto chrome

The goal of the browser extension is to heighten productivity by time-limiting your use of certain pages online and keep focused on using the browser software extension. Spend less time on Facebook and other time-consuming sites.

otto for chrome

Stay On Track With Daily Distractions

Otto lets you see your daily distractions in a time graph. Keeping you on track of time spent on time-consuming and unproductive websites. Be informed when you are spending too much time on social networking sites and gaming sites especially. The extension for chrome tracks your time on sites and gives you notifications after a set time limit in the google chrome extension to block websites.

see daily distractions stats
Daily timed distractions graph

Settings to autoblock websites

Auto Block You could also set the timer to close Netflix after so long if you have been binge-watching too much. to do this you will need to go to settings>blocklist>

 settings to autoblock website
Autoblock websites

Choose how long you want to use a website

Sites you may spend too much time on prefilled times for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and youtube. Add your own sites in the URL settings

time your website usage
Set the timer to time your usage of a website

And wait for the timer to run out it will beep or automatically close depending on your settings

start stop time on website

Autoblock a website

Settings>Block site (full URL)

settings to autoblock website
You can autoblock a website

Video of otto chrome website blocking extension and productivity tool

So how will you use Otto time restricting ?

Do you think this is the tool you need in your browser to keep you timed and productive or do you have another that you can recommend?. I like the extension for its value and graceful design it even looks productive. If you like otto chrome extension get it from the google chrome store it’s free. If you like this post consider sharing it on social media thanks.

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