How to know if you are keeping recommended distance from home?

Why you have to keep track of the distance you are from home.

Keeping the recommended distance from home is compulsory these days. In many countries it is not more important than ever to know just how far from home you are?. By using this easy to use website service to find “how far you are”. Its possible then to see exactly how far you are allowed to travel in a radius.

You should be informed if you are keeping recommended distance. This is not only health advisable, but it can land you in financial trouble. Especially as many countries have on the spot fines for breaking the recommended distance rules.

So how do you know you are keeping inside your allowed distance from home

Keeping recommended distance from your home. This can be easily tracked by simply visiting 2kmfromhome website. By allowing it to access your location or insert your location by typing in where your home is. Here is an example. Below are some things you can do with the radius calculating map service.

keeping recommended distance
keeping recommended distance 5 km from European central bank headquarters

Share the allowed distance to friends

Why not share with friends so they can see if they are Keeping your allowed travel distance. Remember to be careful as you could be publicly sharing your current location. So only share the link with people you trust for privacy reasons.

Check a radius of anywhere in the world to check what the keeping recommended distance is increase or decrease the radius.

You can drag the pin to any location on the world map and it will show you a circle inside the distance you specify. A maximum of 400 km being allowed like the image here is 400 km radius from times square New York.