Surprise people with these 10 what distance facts?

Interesting facts about distance. There is more to distance than just from a to b here are some distance facts that will surprise people.

Distance Facts 10 random facts about Distance

Some distances you may find helpful to know surprise people with these what distance facts. Or just get the answer to how far away that is?

What distance are the mountains in the photo
How far away are the mountiansKamil at Pexels

What distance facts like how far are 10000 steps?

Thinking of trying out the 10000 steps challenge. Ten thousand steps are equal to about 8km or 5 miles of happy walking.

What distance is a light-year?

In a light-year, you will travel 6 trillion miles or 9.7 kilometers so over 4 years to get to our nearest star Proxima Centauri 4.2465 light-years away.

What’s the distance of a Bluetooth transmission

transmission limit Bluetooth
Connecting how far away from Bluetooth device will I get a signal
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A Bluetooth signal normally transmits up to 30ft or 10 meters however many interference factors will cause the signal to transmit less. That is why your Bluetooth device cuts out when you go to another room.

What is the distance between earth and sun

93 million miles 147.73 kilometers or 13 minutes traveling at the speed of light. So when the sun does die we won’t notice it has for 13 minutes but even if we did there is not much we could do anyway with our current travel technology.

How much distance is considered personal space

Since 2020 the recommended 2 meters with covid regulations but in general, you should not come any closer than 1.5 meters with anyone you don’t know.

What distance is considered long-range shooting?

Are you a bit of a sharpshooter?. In competition with a .22 cartridge, anything over 100 meters is considered long-range shooting.

What distance is English channel at it’s shortest point?.

Thinking of swimming the channel or jumping it like Ron Obvious (Terry Jones) attempted in the month phyton sketch. At its shortest point, the English channel is only 20 miles or 33 kilometers wide.

What distance from the land is considered international waters?

So you want a wild party with no rules just go into International waters but remember you have to go back to dry land eventually. International waters were defined in 1982 by the UN convention as anything outside 12 nautical miles 14 land miles/22 km of the sea boundaries of any coastal nation’s shorelines.

Distance facts about the triathlon?

Fit enough for the triathlon? these are the various types and distances

Try-a-Tri: 250m swim, 6km cycle, 3km run.

Sprint: 750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run.

The Standard: 1500m swim, 40km cycle, 10km run.

Middle: 1900m swim, 90km cycle, 21.1km run.

Long: 3800m swim, 180k cycle, 42.2k run

Source: Triathlon Ireland

Finally what distance am I allowed to travel 5km this lockdown is going on too long here since Christmas. I thought I might amuse you by giving some of these facts on a Saturday night thanks for reading. If you want to share your own distance fact do so in the comments below. Since we got our minds going with these distance facts, have you been having problems with the new Facebook design check out getting the old Facebook layout or maybe some TikTok lessons?


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  1. Interesting. I don’t have any distance questions or facts to share but thanks for sharing. I think I’d like to give the 10k steps challenge a go soon now the weather is getting nicer. Well overdue for a nice long walk.