reminder to renew your domain
renew your domain

The work you have done is reason enough to renew your domain.

You have created social media profiles posted in forums and commented all over the internet with links back to your domain name. Renew your domain even when things go downhill and you just let the domain name expire. Now all that work you have done is gone. Somebody has snapped your brand because you did not renew your domain name.

Reasons to renew your domain name soon.

It wont expire without warning.

If you think that an expiring domain name notification is going to help you not forget to renew it think again. How many times have checked and read your email then had to read it again an hour later because you forgot some minor detail?. With the number of daily email newsletters and subscriptions, most people will easily delete all messages that arrive in their inbox.

A longer registered domain has a slight advantage in serps.

If you are already ranking for a keyword your listing will stay there longer if you have a lengthy domain registration duration. So another years registration will help you keep or rise in the rankings for that keyword.

Your brand is safe for another year.

Just say you had a business and were self-employed but had to go back to being a regular employer. Someone looks up your old company and it has been taking over by a cat blogger or something. Then you say on your CV that you ran a company the employer looks it up and sees pictures of fluffy in his new chair do you really want that to happen?.

You can still host your site for free

I do not like free hosting services for many reasons however when you think you cant afford to pay for hosting anymore it is a last option. Currently I use dreamhost to host just keep distance for only a few dollars a month on a basic plan. If you use this sponsored link I will get a commission.

Other uses for not to let your domain expire.

Keep it as your personal email client.

Every time I log into Gmail it seems to have a new feature, If you don’t like or find it hard to adjust to changes and just want to send a plain text email and are comfortable with your domains email client then is it not worth keeping for another year or two.

Use it for photos and videos keep them safe.

With social media like Facebook and twitter banning accounts for little or no reason can you trust them with your photos. Using the correct setting you can make a password-protected WordPress blog or website and save your photos and videos on it. Depending on the storage you have with your website hosting service.

Start a blog or forum on the domain name with a different topic.

Maybe your business did not work out the way you wanted but you have worked in the industry and have lots of interesting things to share about it why not start a blog on it.

Renew your domain in case you get fresh ideas.

Maybe you think you do not have enough ideas for content marketing at this moment but in a few months to come you could think of 100’s of content ideas for your website. Just because you are currently on a creation block don’t let it make you give up on your original website concepts.

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