Maybe Useful Maybe Not Ticktock Lessons for Today

Not really a place to learn much but there are some useful Ticktock Lessons for many things out there and some not so useful. If anything Lockdowns has thought us it’s that we will watch anything on Social Media and sites like ticktock are really keeping us entertained while in isolation even if it’s only for a few seconds. While you are watching just about anything you could be better off learning stuff by watching nonsense videos even on Ticktock if it’s not that useful. Here are some Useful or maybe not so useful videos I found on Ticktock.

Ticktock Lessons for You can cook with a plastic bag.

As crazy as it looks you can actually cook with a plastic bag so long as you use more water than plastic, Personally, I will stick to a saucepan.

@lararobison♬ original sound – Lara Robison

Ticktock Lessons for Animals can and will get caught up anywhere.

It’s not just cats getting caught up in trees If there is a way in there a horse can get in there and getting out seems to be a problem.

@banma44♬ original sound – outlier

A container will hold the smoke for you until later.

Don’t know why you need to store smoke but it’s possible.

@kazsawyer456I trapped smoke inside of a container… Do you think that the smoke will still be there tomorrow🤔? @bangenergy ##bangenergy ##ad♬ Intro – The xx

Ticktock Lessons for teaching Never Mess to with little dogs.

Those little dogs are not to be messed with,  and you might end up missing some fingers.

@zay_ebk##stitch with @throttle_goat I only got 4 taps in LMFAOOOO😭😭 she bit me after this😂 ##fyp ##foryou ##viral ##funny ##WhatILearned♬ original sound – Zayyy

I need a trained monkey to open my wish packages.

Why bother opening my purchases from wish they are never as described anyway and will probably end up in the bin,  So this one of the Lessons for Ticktock I learned as I could train the monkey to put wish packages into the bin also saving myself a little time as they are probably broken or the wrong item.

@heresyourmonkeycontentReply to @christian_venancio He figured it out so fast! 🐵😂 ##smart♬ original sound – Georgie Boy

Use your cat instead of buying drum brushes.

Why bother spending money on brush sticks when you have a cat might as well save yourself some money.

@memesSo that’s what’s inside a jukebox 😂 @_yeetroot_ ##minecraft♬ original sound – Cowbelly’s Memes

Learn how Japanese Multiply Numbers.

This Video Lesson from Ticktock shows us the basics of Japanese multiplication and the channel has various math lessons should you wish to check them out.

@mathswithmisschangWho uses Japanese multiplication?! 🤩 #maths #easymaths #fyp #foryoupage #learnontiktok #school #gcse #teacher #multiplication♬ ROCKSTAR – DaBaby, Roddy Ricch