10 Funny Lockdown Pins and Memes

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If you are looking for funny quarantine memes then look no further than Pinterest lockdown pins here are 10 of the best lockdown pins and social distancing memes from Pinterest to help you laugh a little while lockdown.

List of funny lockdown pins and memes

1:Many Funny Lockdown Pinterest Memes about couch potatoes 

Couch potatoes are now being called beneficial to society. Gone are the days of being called a layabout now you are a model citizen for staying home and watching TV all day. Now binge watching is considered normal it’s fun when you have a lazy day once in a while but don’t make a habbit of it there are other things you can do in lockdown besides consuming media.

2: Lockdown Pin:The Mona Lisa’s 9 Stages of Quarantine.

Slowly it’s getting to everybody and the funny lockdown pin bug has even gone after the classics. Come to think of it museums are close but you can visit some of them virtually in guided lockdown tours of famous museums.

3:Now Humans are in the Zoo.

This is what we get for caging animals according to this lockdown pin. Now the animals are looking at us people living in our homes like cages. but remember some people don’t have a home and many voluntary services are now closed in lockdown because of social distancing rules.

4:Many have already locked themselves down so it makes no difference to many.

For games and phone addicts lockdown wont make much difference anyway which is not a funny lockdown situation. Many are wasting countless hours gaming or consuming social media even before lockdowns they were at home most of the time anyway.

5:Nearly Everyone is alone for their birthday.

If you never have big birthday parties or nobody bothers with your birthday, Don’t feel left out this year you are not the only one celebrating your birthday alone just look at the guy in this lockdown pin. Talk about a boring lockdown birthday party alone maybe he should use his online video services to have a virtual party.

6:Lockdown Pins Showing This is a great money making chance for some especially divorce lawyers.

One of the very sad but true funny lockdowns pins 10 Funny Lockdown Pins and Memes pins. For some people this is a golden moment for making money as couples spend way too much time together. So remember that your partner may need some personal space in this time that we are with the same people nearly every moment of the day.

7:Your Grandmother is queen of Innovation.

They always have some kind of workaround to everyday problems. remember that if you are old enough your grandmother probably remembers things like ration books, constant power cuts and only a few TV channels. Think of her in her youth the next time you are complaining that you cant get a wifi signal from your router.

8:People are being much more creative and generating alternative uses for everyday objects.

A time to get in touch with your creative side you never know what you could invent or improve on. A Greek philosopher Plato said necessity is the mother of all inventions.

9:Remembering how it was before lockdown.

Things that were fine last year are now seen as dangerous habits. Now to just keep the distance is an important part of life and some people can get very angry if you don’t adhere to social distance rules.

10:Lot’s of Useless positives like cheap petrol and diesel.

While many things are negative about this whole lockdown thing we are seeing some benefits but unless you have lots of flammable liquid storage space I doubt that you can benefit from low-cost petrol and diesel. The cost of car insurance has dropped in some countries but there is not much point in having a car if you can’t travel any reasonable distance.