Learn circle of fifths theory android circle of fifths app free

Want to learn the circle of fifths theory easily?. An android circle of 5ths app to use without imposing ads?

What is the Circle of 5ths and why do you need an app

The circle of 5ths is what chords work together in a piece of music. At the top of a circle of 5ths card, you will find the C chord the F chord to the Left, and G to the Right. This is many songs have only 3 chords in them as these chord sounds work together. Normally you can go to any music shop and buy a circle of fifths card but it can be easy to forget where you put it like plectrums when you need them. So having a phone is sometimes easier. Much better than looking around for a piece of paper when you are trying to work on learning a chord progression.

This Ad Free Circle of 5ths app is a massive help.

An app for making learning the circle of fifths on android apps less confusing. Learning about an important piece of music theory is easier. In the app, you will get a circle of 5ths chart showing the correct circle of fifths chord progression to play as it is color-coded to make it easier. With the app, you can easily see all the major and minor key signatures. This is a brilliant way to learn common chord progressions that sound good as you are learning what works in music.

Learn music the perfect keeping distance thing to do

Continuous learning is a must to keep your music-playing skills in order. And learning especially about music is a good way to keep yourself productively distant from people and be more interesting when you do meet people. So in these times of keeping to ourselves or in our social bubble is a perfect time to learn a little more about music theory. But instead of learning by reading long articles this straightforward free app with no ads is a handy tool to keep in any musician’s toolbox.

With this, you can easily learn with chord progressions work together. This helps your playing sound more fluid and natural.

See the circle of fifths app no ads your way to learn circle of fifths theory

The android circle of 5ths app chart

The Main Interface of the app is easy to view and read and you can toggle sound on and off should you wish not to hear the arpeggio. Here the 1,4 and 5 chords are highlighted in the key of E-flat not to be confused with E-flat tuning a.k.a half step down tuning which was used mostly by Jimmy Hendricks.
circle of 5hts app image

Circle of 5ths Progression Example


If you would like the free android circle of 5ths chart app downloads from the
Google Play Store and help you guide through playing the circle of 5ths.