Want to see all app permissions on your device. View all app permissions using paranoid app for android a fast and lightweight app for android. Using the tool you can see which apps detected are using app permissions in the background.

With paranoid for android you can view android app permissions

  • See the apps that can see where you are exactly by location.
  • which apps have location access through wifi connections.
  • The Apps that can read your phone number.
  • Whats app like Apps that can read your contacts
  • Apps with access to video and photos
  • Which apps can read your phone number
  • The apps like google pay that can spend money without asking
  • The apps that can read your calendar
  • All installed apps and more features all free

See the app permission app in action here paranoid for android download it here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.albionresearch.paranoid

With the app, you can easily see the android app permissions list. This helps you see which app permissions are being allowed in a list. As you need to avoid giving other apps permission access and 3rd party apps especially. I also find a very good alternative android launcher, if you want to use it that way. While you are here why not check out an app to monitor your carbon footprint and an app that helps you become happier is some of the apps I write about on keeping distance.