Change Pitch, Speed and Fine Pitch Easily in Ubuntu

Change Pitch, Speed and Fine Pitch Easily in Ubuntu

An easy to use software app for changing the speed of music or voice in Ubuntu. With this software, you can change Pitch Easily in Ubuntu. For various reasons, we might need to timestretch an audio file and the easiest way to do this in Ubuntu is to install Play it slowly. Compared to more advanced audio tools like audacity Play it slowly for Ubuntu is fast, lightweight and has an easy to use simple straightforward interface with no fluff.

Allows to change pitch easily in ubuntu

With the play it slowly program for Ubuntu you can easily.

Features of Play it Slowly for Linux Include:

  • Slide to change Speed.
  • Slide to change Pitch.
  • And slide to change Fine Pitch.
  • Save as .wav file you can change the audio format in another program such as audacity by using export as mp3.

Installing the software to change Pitch Easily in Ubuntu

Installing the software can be easily done by opening the Ubuntu software store whichever you are using and searching for play it slowly.

Change Pitch, Speed and Fine Pitch Easily in Ubuntu

Alternatively you can install it via a terminal with

sudo apt-get install playitslowly
and "playitslowly" to launch it.

Uses of this play it slowly software for ubuntu

To learn parts of a song that you are learning to play.

Slowdown a chord progression or strumming pattern

Learning the proncination of a word in another language.

Loop a section of a tune.

Change the key of a piece of music so you can play along in other music chords. If you are into music why not check out this post about a circle of fifths app on this blog.

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