not trying enough fix display no keyboard

Simple Reason You May Have No Display or Keyboard Power

Fixed the following problem of computer turns on but no display on monitor or keyboard. Two methods to fix No display or keyboard power.

How it happened that I had No Display or Keyboard Power

Had a long day the power tripped out and it caused some damage to my computer no display no keyboard working. It was the ram that was damaged or the slot. Had no keyboard or display but the mouse light up so it was not an issue with USB power. After reading forum threads I saw nothing and was not going to log in and find out I needed 25 posts to say that I wanted help to solve a problem with my computer.

I got it working again. I think that either one of the ram sticks or slots is damaged. What I trying to do was see if I could reset the BIOS and without display, there is only one way I know how to do that here is what I did to fix the error with my keyboard.

Soulution 1: Disconnect all power connectors

Opened the cover>

Disconnected all cables from hard drives/fans/Usb ports etc

The main power cable to the motherboard is the most important one to disconnect.

Removed the CMOS battery a CR 2032 battery.

Completely emptied any stored power by stitching it one while everything was disconnected.

Switch the computer back on remembering to load bios defaults if needed.

If That did not work so what next

not trying enough fix display no keyboard

Waited 20 minutes then nothing, not a thing happened, still no power going to the keyboard so I went out and looked at it again later.

I did the same steps again and nothing and had bought a new CMOS battery CR 2032. This is because sometimes it can be the CMOS battery causing this fault and a shop sold them near me as they are quite cheap compared to new desktops. I don’t like laptops they do something to my ears that must be misophonia or something. Besides laptops are no fun because you can’t take them apart easily.

The battery was not the problem so I sat down and watched some netflix fell asleep and woke up and eat something then was too stuffed so I feel asleep again. What else can you do in lockdown besides sleep all of the time ?.

Solution 2: Remove Memory it could be due to memory problems?

Decided it must have been the memory causing No Display or Keyboard Power

So as nothing else seemed to fix the problem with no display or keyboard input. The mouse was lighting up. It must have been the ram so I did these steps to fix it. That finally fix the problem I had with Fixed the following problem of computer turns on but no display on the monitor or keyboard.

Took out all 4 memory modules

Put them back in one at a time and restarted

Tried all 4 at once with no luck.

Tried and Retried

Tried one on its own again in a different slot and it worked. But that was a mere 1GB of ram not very much. I was lucky enough to have a 2GB stick working, so at least I have a workable 3GB. I normally have 6 but I don’t do heavy graphics and am not really into gaming much anymore so it’s enough for my computer usage.