Site navigation and good user experience are becoming some of the main Google ranking factors. Many site owners will not look at older content after it is published. One of the reasons is they are too busy creating new content for the website or doing social media promotion and other things. But sometimes it’s good to look over how your site is working when navigating.

When you navigate you find things to edit add more to and update for future visitors.

Sometimes when your site gets bigger you may need to start looking at how your site rates in user experience. By looking over a few month-old blogs, you will notice small edits you can change. On bigger sites the can mean lots of changes even to make a new layout for your site because the current design is no longer with the old layout.

Finding Problems in Site Navigation when browsing your own site.

When browsing my own site I noticed that categories were redirecting to the homepage. There were so many causes and solutions including editing the htacess file. I do not like going into the web portal much and I was on my phone. So I found sometimes just basic problem-solving skills were needed and the WordPress core had just been updated. It was just a matter of reverting to the twenty twenty-one WordPress theme then updating neve and everything was fine. How do you find this site’s current navigation was it a good user experience for yourself?.