Just passing another day in lockdown is mental terror

Two feet or twenty four inches is the height of an average bed. And each morning waking up has become a terror with the thoughts of spending another day in lockdown. This morning I awoke to the sound of a wood pigeon humming or whatever they do in the background. The sound usually reminds me of a pleasant day sitting in the garden may be the buzz of a single car passing by and a lawnmower in the distance.

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Photo by 7089643 on Pixabay

It’s a little early for a lawnmower since it’s still before 9am on a Sunday morning. But as time has became irrelevant for many and nobody knows day from night. It would not surprise me if it became the new normal to cut your lawn early on a Sunday morning.

So as I sit here deciding will I or not go out for my daily exercise. It looks like it’s nice out but if it’s a little cold I will be back at this computer again in ten minutes. I can’t go much further that 5km from home anyway so I wont be long until I will be seeing if I am sitting too close or too far from the TV.

Came back and watched the red planet full movie 1952 on Youtube

I like these classic SCI-fi movies but I fell asleep during this like always when I watch a movie. I have a shared netflix but I don’t use it much. Did you know?, netflix are clamping down on sharing passwords along with other online free trials and services.

I later practiced to this backing track in Em

E Minor music can be described as restless. like most of us waiting on lockdown to end. Then I started to read about the feeling of musical keys and found this great article on musical keys and emotions. So that passed an hour now what to do for the rest of the day.

I never thought I would say this but I can’t wait for Monday morning. During the week I will do a few zoom meetings but nothing seems to happen at the weekend. How are your weekends in lockdown? are they as much of a terror as mine?. I am now going to watch this film again as I have decided that I will watch the same movie every day in lockdown.