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6 reasons to keep distance from everyone

    Reason To Keep distance from everyone quote

    Distance sometimes lets you know who is worth keeping, and who is worth letting go.”

    ― Lana Del Rey

    Sometimes you have to keep your distance from everyone and sometimes you want to keep your distance even both. I am not the best introvert in the world but these are in my opinion the best ways to stay away from other people how and why?.

    Warning partially a rant.

    Reasons to Keep Distance:People Just Come and Go

    I have moved around much in my life for various reasons. I lived in Holland, Belgium, and Germany for nearly a decade. But if it’s one thing I learned in my travels and returning to Ireland is that you need to be comfortable in your own company. Friends can’t always be around and sometimes move away for work, learning even now as there is a housing crisis here in Ireland sometimes people move away because they can’t find suitable accommodation in the area. So you are better of sometimes being in your own company and here are some tips and reasons to keep distance and why sometimes you need to distance yourself from others.

    How do I distance myself from everyone?

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    Blogging is one way it’s hard write a blog post when someone is around unless they are an expert in the field you are writing about which never happens. Then I do a little light coding and webdesign with my theme. I also play some guitar when my mind is clear. If people are around I don’t feel comfortable doing these things as I do them for myself and not for others.

    Why do I distance myself from everyone sometimes?

    I find people turn me off sometimes they really either sit there saying nothing or they will not shut up. So I just want to be on my own. Other things include people that talk about food so much you lose your appetite. I find also that most people are too greedy and are always playing the I am broke game. Like those trash-bags that I meet every time I go to town looking for money and cigarettes, they are not hungry they just got paid and can’t manage their spending and saving and want me to supply them with more money.

    How to keep distance from someone in particular

    If you want to stay away from someone tell them to go away I don’t want your company. There are some nice ways of saying I don’t like you so be tactful. Unfortunately, we can’t always say that but sometimes you can be overwhelmed by the company of certain people. Try going to slightly different areas or out a different times. If it’s a work situation that can be tricky ignoring them unless it’s work-related could be the only option.

    How to keep distance from everyone

    • Take up an isolated hobby like landscape photography
    • Listen to obnoxious music at high volume
    • Watch really boring things when people are in your home so they don’t want to be there again.
    • Cook smelly foods
    • Become obsessed with some crazy idea like flat earth theory or Qanon well maybe not those.

    Reasons Why you may want to keep everyone at a distance

    • They hang around too late and you need quiet time before bed
    • All of a sudden they are around because they have a problem
    • They drink all your beer soft drinks or coffee
    • Some people are only around when they are broke or in trouble
    • Other people’s company can be destroyers of your inspirations or motivations because they are too focused on themselves.
    • Keep distance from everyone because they have no time for you when they have company.
    • They only want to know you when you are an important source of information about something they want to know more about.
    Your thoughts on these 6 reasons to keep distance from everyone?

    How do you keep away from other people have you any hobbies or things you do to isolate from others?. Let us know in the comments.

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