• Can’t sleep because of drunk people online

    If it’s people coming back from the pub you can just shout out your window “free beer down the road” and hope they all head away from your home. Other than that you can do very little else but ignore them and get on with what you are Doing. But these are just drunken people […]

  • Possessions suck

    “You don’t own Possessions they own you,” Someone said that to me once and I totally agree. Even the smallest things can be factors in big decision-making. So how can you stop your possessions from owning you instead of you owning them? Maybe you work hard for your possessions but maybe that job sucks too. […]

  • 6 reasons to keep distance from everyone

    Reason To Keep distance from everyone quote Distance sometimes lets you know who is worth keeping, and who is worth letting go.” ― Lana Del Rey Sometimes you have to keep your distance from everyone and sometimes you want to keep your distance even both. I am not the best introvert in the world but these […]