Drinking is just a dream crusher

If you have any kind of dreams in life and wish too fulfill them then do yourself a favor and forget about alcohol because it’s just a dream crusher.

Everytime I see alcohol advertised or promoted on TV it makes me feel sick because of the lies about how much fun drinking is supposed to be. It shows people smiling and chatting with each other and having a good time.

But the reality of it is the chatting and smiles stop so abruptly all too often when people consume alcohol. People who are drinking are easily offended and bad tempered over stupid stuff like politics and musical tastes.

It ruins the lives of anyone who touches it whether they know it or not that guy laughing at the bar is probably going heavily into debt and leaving a few people waiting on him to sober up enough to finish the house renovation jobs he started but he went drinking with the money for the building materials.

While you may not be incarcerated for drink driving a school bus full of kids which has happened not to me but a few people who decided they wanted a few drinks and relaised they had other things to do.

Alcohol seems to affect everyone else around you just like any other drugs. It makes you feel sick when you consume too much, incapable of many minor tasks and empties your pockets faster than a crackhead empties a cigarette lighter. Just look at the price of these fortified wines from Portugal I seen on one of my holidays this year yes I don’t drink so I am not limited to a single holiday a year actually I was never on any despite living abroad for many years until I stopped drinking.

If you want to have a good time just get a hooker or whatever you are into but having a good time with alcohol is not really possible as the negatives far outweigh the positives.

No matter how little you drink minor tasks become difficult as alcohol inhibits your ability to do anything correctly.

If you don’t believe me try cycle a bicycle along a footpath kerb for a few yards after drinking 3 beers.