Can’t sleep because of drunk people online

If it’s people coming back from the pub you can just shout out your window “free beer down the road” and hope they all head away from your home. Other than that you can do very little else but ignore them and get on with what you are Doing.

But these are just drunken people who keep you awake at night on the way home from the pub or sometimes work depending on the type of area you live in, who knows you could live next door to some of the politicians who are permanently drunk. You can’t do very much to stop them unless you bring back proabition which made many gangsters rise their empires. Plus many people would loose their jobs if you could solve the world alcohol problem. Which is not going to be solved anytime soon.

Keeping Distance from drunk people online.

But you can do something about drunken people online because with their party updates and exhausting support needs requesting help on Messenger, Whatsapp and other social media apps that keep you awake at night?

All you need to do is block social media apps after times you are going to sleep using apps and extensions for browsers.

Why you may need to block drunk people online?

Mostly it’s people think like why bother people in support services on weekday mornings when you can just call them at 11pm on a Saturday night.

What bugs me about drunk people online?

I am now over 2 years into my recovery from a serious alcohol problem. I am not afraid to admit to have a drink problem but if anything bugs me these days it’s drunk people online unless they are sharing great music or something funny and unpolitical.

It is not because I anti-alcohol but because I can’t sleep properly and it’s mostly due to people who are getting drunk when they are supposed to be doing important things like “learning an appropriate time for seeking assistance from people” and not annoying them during the incorrect hours to seek help from others and I am not just talking about “packing in the drink for good” but also for when they want help with anything in general even when they are sober. We may one day in the future have a fully policed internet where you have to be breathalyzed to use social media but in the meantime you can only ignore them.