4 Amazing Budget Airbnbs on the Costa del Azahar

The thing about airbnb is that budget does not mean staying in a dirty apartment just because you pay less than most sites like booking.com and TripAdvisor. Deciding to escape to the East coast of Spain south of Barcelona and all the Noise in the Region of Valencia otherwise known as the Costa Del Azahar does not have to break the bank if you stay in these great Airbnbs in the Area of Castellon and Valencia and have the Unique experiences of living with the Locals and understanding what it’s really like to live in Spain instead of being stuck in some under produced hotel at an Inflated price.

Chill out with the Pets with Elena or See the Sites of Castellon and Surrounding Area

If you love pets but can’t bring your own then why not stay with somebody with pets as they are very calming if you feel more at home with a Dog or Cats around and wake of to an amazing view of the mountains and local area.

The view from elanas

Elena was one of the first people I stayed with using Airbnb in Spain she has a cosy Apartment situated near the Centre of the Town of Castellon . In the area there are plenty of local transport links, shops and Restaurants.

If you are fit you can cycle using a rental bike in Castellon using something like the App Bicecals and you can be at the beach in 30 minutes cycling it’s possible to even Walk or Jog to the beach as it’s only 5 miles or so either way it costs about €1.20 for the bus and takes about 40 minutes but it’s worth it when you see those calm blue waters of the Mediterranean and the Sandy Beach of El grau castello

Sandy Beach Near Castellon in El Grao

If you are not a Beach Bum and are more into Arts and Architecture then Castellon has many beautiful old church buildings such as the basilica del Lledo first built in 1366. I didn’t get to take pictures of the inside since their was a church service beginning but trust me if you are into religious art it’s one of the most beautifully decorated churches I have seen this is the official website if you want more information on winter and summer visiting times.

basilica del lledo
More about the Basilica del Iledo Castellon
Countryside Just Outside Castelló de la Plana

Elena will always do her best to make local recommendations and help you with any questions you have about the area and local cuisine and how to get great food in the area for less. She even recommended a few local clothing shops to me that were not so expensive. Click here To book a Stay with Elena on Airbnb and Enjoy an amazing Airbnb welcome in the Culturally Charming City of Castellon and Surrounding Areas.

Lorenzos Laidback and Local in Castellon

Another Arbnb in Castellon I recommend is Lorenzos I feel it might suit younger people it’s quite enough but random street noise may be a problem for older people and surrounded by a few bars and Restaurants and Lorenzo can give you many great recommendations on the area. Lorenzo also is a very relaxed person but at the same time quick to respond to any or questions of difficulties finding things in the area.

Lorenzo is an overall extremely helpful host with any questions you have about the locality or even using appliances. The Bed is very comfortable and the Shower is brilliant as it’s very powerful and the kitchen has everything you need to cook a decent meal including a brilliant Air fryer and lot’s of space in the Fridge. Check out Lorenzos on Airbnb

Cool and Calm on The Verge Of Valencia

The 3rd place on the list is based around the verge of Valencias ring road close by in the Area of Alfredo’s . The accommodation in Valencia is easily accessible using the Trams and it’s just around the Corner form Alfredo’s apartment if you are hungry while you wait there is a few kebab and Pizza places in the Area and its not far from most of the Major Supermarkets if you are considering Self-Catering.

While the View from the Apartment is nothing Special Alfredo’s place is bright and he also has Living and Dining Area which is bright and Spacious. While I am no Art critic i really loved the Art in the place I am not sure about the painter but the paintings are inspirational and add to the surroundings.

Alfredos living and dining space in the Airbnb

I will not go into great detail about Valencia as it’s quite a big city but if you are planning a visit to the City then Alfredo’s place is a good starting point as you have an opportunity to take a deep breath in the morning as it’s on the outskirts at the end of the Tramlines.

That gives you a chance to have a nice walk around the Area before going to the city chaos I walked a little far on the outskirts and city limits of Valencia and into another neighbourhood and sat in this big square while drinking my morning espresso as an example

As I was walking around the city boundaries of Valencia I got to absorb a little bit of the Costa al Alzur Countryside.

Alfredo speaks very good English and we had a few chats about Websites as he is a Webdesign in Valencia. I highly recommend the Place if you like to do a little Walking or Cycling around Valencia as you can always follow the tramlines back to the Area of the Airbnb at Valencias Northern Boundary?

With this Airbnb you get the advantages of good public transport and being close to the countryside at a reasonable prices Check out Alfredo’s Airbnb on the Website to Book your Stay in Valencia

Relax in the Magic of Moncofa

Pedro was another Airbnb host I stayed with while travelling and Staying in the Costa del Azula? and I was a few days in his Apartment close to the Stony Beach in the Seaside Village of Moncofa. By close I mean just that Pedros place is just a 3 minute walk to the stony shoreline around Moncofa and his appartment is also Ideal for Couples visiting the Area.

Moncofa is not for everyone because it’s quite tricky to commute to using public transport but if you are looking for an Area that has plenty of Walks and a few good Cafe’s and Restaurants with a grocery store that is also open on Sundays then you will find the right place is Moncofa.
This is a photo of the Beach area of Moncofa
There are also a few hiking trails in the Area I didn’t venture very far but there was great walking in the Area.

Allthough there was not much to do at night in Moncofa as I don’t drink and just needed a few nights of undisturbed sleep Pedro is a great source of Local information and what you can do in the Area. If you are staying in Pedros place at the Weekend there is a big Market outside the building on Saturday Mornings with good deals on Local foods and Clothing and the rest of the usual Saturday market things some of us love to explore.

Pedro’s is an ideal place to stay if you are touring the Costa with a rental car as parking is not a problem in the Area and if you are like myself and just needed to catch up on a few nights sleep and go walking in the Daytime it’s a wonderful place to stay. If you would like to book Pedro’s Check out his Airbnb Listing in Moncofa for Couples or Singles.

I hope this helped you choose a listing or inspired you to start travelling to the Costa del Azula on your next Airbnb Vacation/Holiday/Business Trip