Things you have work sucks t-shirt

Possessions suck

“You don’t own Possessions they own you,” Someone said that to me once and I totally agree. Even the smallest things can be factors in big decision-making. So how can you stop your possessions from owning you instead of you owning them? Maybe you work hard for your possessions but maybe that job sucks too.

Throw away or sell your stuff that sucks.

I live in a house share and having to put too many things in the one private space I have can really do my head in at times. For a while, after moving out of a homeless shelter I had very little for myself. But I gathered things up as I rebuild my life. Now I seem to have too many things that I don’t need. I might dump some of these objects and sell others but they have gone as I don’t have space.


When I left the shelter I only had 2 pairs of shoes and I now find I have about 6 or 7. I need to dump or donate my unused pairs as I end up tripping over them sometimes. So some pairs need to go especially boots since I hate lacing them up and taking them off again.


Just like shoes, I have too many and nowhere to put them so they are going to the dump or as a donation.

Cables and connection adapters

I am always picking up cables and connectors for future projects I never complete. I don’t have the space for these and sometimes they can cause me to trip over because I leave them out on the floor. There are also a few power adapters for things like light-up speakers I no longer have so some of these may be dumped as they are more useless possessions that suck.

The Bed

Box beds are the worst thing ever when you have only a limited space. I can’t wait to get a chance to get rid of that thing I hate this whole old layout here it lacks space and stops productivity as I work from home with workspace. But that requires me to buy a decent bed with storage space underneath. I could then use storage boxes to keep my shoes in and not have to throw away most of my possessions.