A brief facebook workplace overview

Working from home with Facebook Using Facebook Workplace

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Workplace from Facebook a feature that allows working from home with Facebook workplace. Maybe you are you using or intended to use workplace for your business ?. A few years ago many companies complained about employees using Social media as Facebook at work.

Now things have taken a turn with many in lockdown working from home with Facebook using facebook workplace and learning from a distance. Your boss or tutor may want you to be on Facebook at work. Well Facebook Workplace actually which is like a carbon copy of Facebook for a Company. Unlike normal Facebook workplace sole use for professional purposes.

Is Workplace Free?

Workplace Advanced is Free for nonprofits. For the rest, you can get a month’s free trial links below. Plans start at $4 a month per person using Workplace Advanced and $8 a month for Workplace Enterprise.

Workplace Compatible Operating Systems

From Windows 8 32 and 64 Bit Systems

Mac OS 10.9 (Maverick) and Above

Android and IOS

Which Companies Use Workplace.

Some of the major companies using Facebook workplace are:

  • Nestle
What you can Do on Facebook Workplace.

Workplace is much the same as Facebook. This is one of its unique selling points. As it’s so much like Facebook very little if any training time is needed. You have live video, commenting, groups, share photos, files, ideas, and more features like integrations for Google Drive, What’s app, Instagram, and Zoom. Some Facebook Workplace Employee Benefits

Little of No training as it’s the same interface as Facebook.
Quick chats via Messenger.
Express deeper opinions in groups.
Auto Translate for better communications with non native speakers.
Stay in touch and get work done anywhere with apps for portable devices.

Some Facebook Workplace Employer Benefits.
  • Communicate with all employees and freelancers instantly with Important notifications.
  • Mark Information as Important so all Employees see it.
  • Get worker feedback by creating polls for your employees thoughts in the company.
  • Create groups for new employees giving them guidance and tasks.
  • More Detailed and Comprehensive Guides to Facebook workplace .

These articles will help you learn to manage your workplace and find out more features and benefits to using workplace for Facebook.

Hootsuite has a guide on the facebook workplace and how Combining Facebook workplace and Hootsuite can work for you and your business.

The Facebook workplace help center for frequently asked questions.


Videos About Workplace

A 5-minute guide to getting started with the facebook workplace. this quick guide will tell you all you need to know to get started using the apps.

Video Using Workspace to Build Collaborative Culture

This webinar video talks about What collaborative culture is and why it’s important. The video shows how you can create it. Also, the ways and resources to learn when working from home with Facebook.

Feedback and thoughts on using Facebook Workplace?

I read a few bad reviews about using Facebook workplace for business. There are many getting problems with the apps on mobile. Problems like android users not getting notifications unless they open the app. The IOS app had a few major problems. However, the IOS app has been redesigned recently and added a few new features, and took away a few read more on the website here about redesigning the workplace app for iOS here https://www.workplace.com/help/work/349741309363460/?helpref=hc_fnav.

Maybe you are using or thinking of trying Facebook workplace for your business. Do you work with Facebook from home?. If you love it or hate it tell us below in the comments or if you have any further productivity tips and information to share with anyone curious about using this home working service from Facebook.