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digital wellbeing course learning in lockdown
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Digital Wellbeing Course Free From Google Garage.

Learning in lockdown learning is a more productive thing than wasting countless hours gazing into a phone. Lockdown Digital Wellbeing Skills are Vital to learn during lockdowns. Learning simple skills like managing social media notifications and being more productive online. These are just some of the basics of the digital wellbeing course. Learning to be online less and being productive when online can have positive outcomes on health relationships and society in general.

Passing time online is hard on the mind. Do you think each time you reach for your phone or whatever you access the Internet on? That you are bombarded with articles about covid 19 or some other depressing and negative news. Instead of reading countless news stories about things you can do little to solve. You could start learning new digital skills online such as Digital wellbeing courses for free. Which you can learn online for free in just one hour.

I say digital well-being because it’s a skill that you can learn the basics for free. A learn with google website digital garage. Learn the basics of digital wellbeing and can help you learn other skills online more effectively. This is because of a short digital wellbeing course. You start to understand that less can be more especially when it comes to spending productive time online. Also how to learn online distraction-free when needed improving healthy relationships and technologys role in society.

The Basics of Digital Wellbeing and How it Helps Managing Your Time Online

Technology is supposed to improve your life and be more productive rather than distract you from it. Digital Wellbeing helps you filter constant distractions such as Tweets, Emails, and Facebook.
Gives you the knowledge and skills to reap the benefits of technology rather than becoming overwhelmed by it. Multitasking may sound like something that is very productive. In reality, it has been proven that it can take up to 25 minutes for some people. Just to gain the true ability to focus on a task once distracted. This of course depending on the task that needs to be accomplished.

You learn things like the average person spends 6 hours a day online. That is a quarter of our day spent looking into a phone and mostly consuming and not creating. A survey was completed and found that the average person checks their phone 50 times a day. So digital wellbeing is here to help you to learn about your technological habits. And taking full advantage of your devices.

What you will learn to control with a digital wellbeing course.

The quality of the time you spend and ways to be more productive. Get things done in less time leaving you free to have more face to face interactions. If your are doing planing on more lockdown learning digital wellbeing is vital.

Using various tools and settings on your devices. Example do not disturb or flight mode can help you get more from your devices. So you get the benefits of your Technology.

  • Prioritizing your tasks over Technology by Giving the Task your full attention and not Multitasking very often.
  • Learn to go offline and be more productive when you do go online.
  • Thinking about setting goals for when you turn off your apps and softwaree daily.
  • Placing only important apps on the Home screen.
  • Creating and maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship with your Technology.
  • Asking yourself “What do I really want on My Device ?”
  • Switching off so you will be more engaging and alert when you are online.
  • Monitoring your App usage and habits you may have like checking your phone while in conversation.

Free Digital Wellbeing learning in lockdown free online with Google

It does not take very long to change your online habits once you know the mistakes you are making. This free interactive course is available from google should you wish to take it now and learn to be more productive with your online time. It’s free along with many other online interactive courses on the learn with Google page and many more courses to learn in lockdown.

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