Make a comment group around your Blog

We all make comments on other peoples blogs and they sometimes make a comment on yours in return, But what about commenting on the people’s blogs that have also made comments on the posts that you comment on this will interlink all blogs that the Author has commented on. The only thing to do is just make a small comment group around your blog.

Here is an Example I write this Post and Person A makes a comment Person B also makes a comment on the post and I comment on both of these blogs this is normal. But what if Person A and B also commented on each other’s blog posts this will increase the linking power of the blogs creating a small network of blogs.

By forming a small Commenting webring around your blog posts and getting your visitors not just to interact with your own blog but also the blogs of your visitors will also make your blog a place that other bloggers would like to make comments because the chances of them getting a comment are increased because you are encouraging the people to visit the blogs of your readers and make comments on their blogs also.

Just trying to build more community around your blog is also a great way to get returning traffic and more comments on your blog posts through a blog comment group. There is also another problem that people are sometimes unsure if they should leave a comment because of the post age. This is often confused as many of the A-Listers have 90-day commenting policies and this is generally seen as the rules people set in place for blog comments. When it’s a news story if it’s only a few days old leave a comment but when it’s what is called timeless content and you have a valuable opinion to make then write your comment. Many Bloggers fail to turn off comments on older posts and complain about the amount of spam they get so if you want less spam to turn off comments on blog posts that you do not want comments made on and don’t always be blaming people for spamming your blog just because you did not turn off comments.