submitting to article directories

Should you submit to Article Directories?

Should you post articles to web article directories is beneficial to your site or just the article directory.

Submitting to article directories is it worth it?

We are told to submit to Article Directories but Is Submitting Articles just Giving Away your Work?
Many Bloggers Submit Articles to Article Directories for Blog Promotion but Why would you Submit your Best Work to an Article Directory. All that is done is so people can just take your links out and paste them into some spammy blog.

Is submitting to Article Directories Good for Traffic?

Some say it is Good for Traffic maybe it is if you are doing Article Marketing but I do not think it is Such a Good Idea for people trying to Promote a Regular Blog. If the Article Directory has Adsense Revenue Sharing then it Might Be worth the time and Energy submitting your Article.

Do follow directory becomes no-follow

Another problem is that Some Do-follow Article Directories just change their minds and Decide to Become No-follow Article Directories. So what is the Point in Submitting to article Directories when you are just giving them content so you and thousands of other Bloggers get buried in the WordPress results?

Submitting to article directories Check your Landing Page think Deep links

Even when you submit articles to the best article websites and get a Click through to your site sometimes the people do not read a second page because they are expecting more content like you have written on the Article you Posted on the Article Directory because your Author link is Direct to your homepage when submitting an article think about deep linking to the exact topic that the article is about.

Article Directories Good for Products but not good for gaining RSS subscribers

So if you do Submit to these sites do not expect much ROI from them. If you have a good Article that you want to give away you are better of guest blogging with your Article and Not giving it to an Article Directory. How do you feel about traffic from Article Directories and do you think it is even worth the time submitting to them and should all Article Directories have Adsense Revenue Sharing?

If you want to go ahead and submit to article directories

Here is a big list of the current best article submission sites maybe you can find a suitable one for your article read the list here of 111 article submission platforms you can submit to if you wish.


17 responses to “Should you submit to Article Directories?”

  1. Rawhider Avatar

    I have never submitted to an Article Directory, nor will. I can’t see sending traffic to them instead of my blog. I do think that being a guest blogger would work though. Building good links and a good community following helps everyone out. But first things first, build your site up so when you do get the traffic, they’ll want to stick around!

  2. Very true. There are 100s and 1000s or article directories asking for content and try to build their position in Google.

  3. 113Tidbits Avatar

    The points you make about the submissions to article directories is somewhat correct. As a person that owns a general directory, I spend lots of time going thru trash articles and ad filled adsense sites. The purpose of the no0follow is to combat these types of submissions.

    However, I try to give the website submitters a value for their time by allowing the article to be submitted to a category as a feature with at least three anchor text links for $1.

  4. @ Sjay aka CrazyCool There are Many But the Big ones are the problem this is where most scammers get their content and resell it as PLR Articles

  5. Thanks for your Comment @113Tidbits I would maybe get Much more feedback and the Link would have much more power if I submitted to your Directory than on one of Top Article Directories. And I hope it Does Well for you i think the main Problem with Submiting to sites like GoArticles is that it’s the Place where these Trashy Made for Adsense sites or MFA get their content Anyway then they Publish to your Directory meaning you have to Pay extra for services like Copyscape. But I would use the URls of these Trashy sites to make an Adsense Blacklist.

  6. @Rawhider I also have rarely done so but it is Good for Article Marketing as for Guest Blogging maybe on a friends site or the Blog Hearld but I am pushed enough creating content for this Blog

  7. I never thought about this when I’ve submitted some of my best post to article directories. Next time I will know better. Thanks for this good advice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I would like to add a trick I use with article directories that save time and get something out of them as well.

    I choose a old post which I have already written and rewrite the post. I limit it to 200 – 300 words more like in point form or a summery of the post.

    Then submit it to the article directories. That way you are not submitting your best article itself but a introduction. That will make people visit your link for more information if they enjoy what you wrote. Also you are not spending time on SEO or gathering ideas and writing them from the scratch.

    what do you think?

  9. This is a Good Idea Sjay but would Read more work for Submission to Article directories and sometimes rewriting an Older Post is Harder than writing a New Post for the Atricle Directories

  10. Shabnam Sultan Avatar
    Shabnam Sultan

    Thanks for the advise Chris ๐Ÿ™‚ . I did submit few artcles to Ezinearticles , but i think guest post is a great idea.As it gives you good traffic and you make some valuable friends.

  11. Hi Chris,
    I think you are doing a great job by opening up this conversation. I see some people are very successful with article submissions and others (like myself) haven’t done so well. It’s a balancing act to know when to blog or write an article. But if you write a great blog post with just one or two missing tidbits, then you can create your submission article using those tidbits are a starting point. I hope this technique will work for me in the long run.

    Thank you!

  12. Thank you for Commenting Miss Ileane I hope this works and I will try this Also, What I have learned about Article Directories is that everything is below the fold that Matters to you and all Above in the heat points is for the Article Directories. So by the the Time people get to your link the whole article is seen as an Ad. There are directories that allow your link in the Text this is quite good but if your link is at the Bottom then the Article Directory is the only one that is going to Gain from it, Unless it is an Article Directory with revenue sharing

  13. I think the whole point really is the backlink. Google likes sites that have lots of backlinks, If you have plenty of them you’ll get indexed faster and you’ll get a better SERP. It doesn’t really matter to me whether anyone follows the link or not. Sites that rank higher are better for article submissions. The more Google likes the site the more value the backlink has. Ezine, GoArticles, and SheToldMe are three of the best.

  14. Latief@AnotherBlogger Avatar

    Directories not giving you much traffic bro but its good for backlinks ๐Ÿ™‚ but article directories is great place for your brand and authority ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for the sharing.

  15. Avatar

    should i repurpose posts on my blog to article directories?

  16. Hello David do you mean Spin the the Articles sure why not it’s not like the Article Directories are paying for the Articles.If anything they are generating revenue from them by putting Ads on the Pages.

  17. 113Tidbits Avatar

    Thanks for the endorsement of the directory. I try to let folx know to submit their articles as “Word” files because the link structure stays solid within the article.

    But of course, the majority of the spammers get shot down when they try that mass automated thing.