The Best Blog Promotion Ideas come when you are offline

Posting editing your Theme and Promoting your Blog are some of the things that we do when we are online. But just because your Blog is online does not really give you a reason to be online when working on your Blog. Actually, you may be Twice as Productive if you go offline and just use the Tools that you have on your computers like photo editors and word processors.


Social Networking is for many the main source of Traffic for Many blogs but the problem is that you can only submit once and your work is done twitter tweets are clicked on within minutes of being posted but not very much Afterwards another problem is that if you keep tweeting your old links you look like a spambot, So what can you do with yourself with this time that you spend social networking.


Reading other blogs and commenting on them can be a good thing to do but it can also be time-consuming and you should be creating and editing your content so that when traffic comes your way it will be more sticky traffic with lower bounce rates. While most bloggers may seem to be on Twitter if you chatting with them swapping ideas then this time is spent good but if you are only tweeting links and telling people to read your blog this is just a waste of time because you have told them a thousand times before about your Blog and they did not visit. So you need to find a better promotional strategy for your Blog.


Thinking of another way to promote your Blog is often found offline and not in E-courses it could be something you heard people talking about when you went out for a coffee but were looking and analyzing peoples habits and not on your phone telling people that you were out for a coffee on Twitter. Sometimes it’s recommended you use a website blocking extension those are some of the reasons.