When to use your Twitter Profile in Blog Comments

Linking to your Twitter Profile to Avoid being Labeled as a Spammer

Leaving comments on other blogs and being labeled as a spammer by people who do not have a good judgment about what exactly a spam comment is and what is not spam is becoming a problem for many bloggers when it comes to interacting and discussing on other blogs. Leaving comments is something that I am not doing in the past few weeks mainly because of what @Growmap is talking about in her post-Akismet Deletes Comments Bloggers NEVER SEE!

Many readers of blogs think that they cannot comment on blogs just because they are not 100% related this causes much confusion also when people are moderating comments and makes them mark legit comments as spam because of the sites niche that the commenting Author leaves a link to in the URL field of a blog comment that points to an Unrelated blog.

One tip for you when you want to comment on other blogs is that they do not know the blog author/admin and think your niche is too off-topic for the blog post that is being discussed. In order to avoid being marked as a spammer when commenting on unrelated blog posts just because the Administrator thinks that the landing page you have set in your comment is inappropriate or too commercial.  I will sometimes use the URL of my Twitter profile when commenting on other blogs also sometimes when I see the Disqus commenting system I will not leave a comment because they use a flash-based login screen that will not let my password manager work properly so I just login to Disqus with my Twitter account to save me any distractions actually the Disqus commenting system should be called distraction in my personal opinion.

But commenting with your Twitter URL makes the Author think of you as being more of a person than just someone trying to get a link back to your blog by making comments on unrelated blogs. Commenting on blogs using your Twitter URL will also increase your Twitter account exposure and increase followers on Twitter the new Twitter followers you get will probably visit your site multiple times from your tweets instead of just once like normal blog comment traffic converts when you comment on unrelated Blogs.

So Which is worse a spam comment on your post, or someone sees that you allow Twitter trackbacks and just tweets your post because they know a link will be added to their profile on your post are they not blog spammers  Also? Then there is also the problem I had when I came up with the idea for this post because I was reading an Article from @robsellen he said that he had just installed the great commenter widget and I felt if I left a comment I would look like a type of spammer because I wanted to bring up this topic in the conversation but it was not directly associated with the Article he wrote, This would make me look like a spammer even though I think rob will not mark me as the one I hope so anyway. So instead I wrote this post and linked it back to him and Growmap because I am mixing these topics together and my own ideas. This is how trackbacks should be used and not like many use trackbacks as spam bait. Now another question do you sometimes also feel like a spammer when you comment on other blogs ?.


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  1. rob sellen Avatar
    rob sellen


    Interestingly, askimet caught this trackback as spam!! bizarre…
    Thanks for that mention, glad it sparked an idea for a post too.

    No, I certainly wouldn’t consider you a spammer at all, I want comments, but not blatant spammers, by that I mean those that are clearly from people who don’t even read the post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I was thinking that Growmap mentioned this Akismet Test Page it Caught me Also ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I will make a Badge for my blog saying Stop Akismet Censorship

  3. Mitchell Allen Avatar
    Mitchell Allen

    Hi Chris!

    I never feel like a spammer. If I slip up and link, I feel bad, but not sleazy :).

    I only add my Twitter thingamabob when I see a field for it.

    I do like the idea of creating a post and bactracking; however, that brings up another sort of ethical question: should the linked blogger feel snubbed that you chose to write on your blog instead of extending the conversation on his (or hers)?

    While you make a valid point about not being on topic – that should only be an issue if you want to link out!

    I came to terms with this dilemma a couple of years ago when I decided that blogging would just be a creative outlet for me. That freed me from worrying about backlinks, SEO, spamming and not visiting my blogger buds ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here’s the bonus (for me, anyway): I can enjoy a nice conversation where I KNOW that it’s taking place. If I write a post on my little old blog – I’m usually whispering in a windstorm. If I come here, for example, I know you will probably reply.



  4. Melinda Avatar

    Sometimes I think we overthink commenting…paranoid that we will be seen as a spammer. I tend to just ramble and talk as I normally do. I don’t go out on a commenting mission. I really am just reading things I am interested in or out to digg/stumble some friends’ blogs.

    I really don’t like Disqus..just my personal opinion…I have to really really really want to comment to take the time to log into it. 95% of the time I won’t leave a comment. I think it really deters people from commenting.

  5. Ok popped over from BloggerLuv forum. Testing out the twitter as URL. Hmm drawback for commentluv. If you use twitter URL, it doesn’t read your login.

    I do check the spam mail every day. I learned my lesson after Akismet targeted a commenter who wrote a 2 page comment on one of my first posts. He wanted to get my feedback on his opinions and I kept saying I didn’t see his comment.

    The comment was completely relevant to the topic.

  6. benwaynet Avatar

    Trackbacks are ok to see who linked to your post. But I don’t think they should be used for conversion or continuations of a post.
    If you have something to say about the post, leave a comment. I’ve you’ve blogged a response at least leave a comment that you responded via blog post.

    A Lot of sites turn off trackbacks.

  7. Thanks Kim I think Akismet is only good for filtering spam on large blogs a captcha will kill off most spam bots anyway.Actually I spend more time updating plugins than filtering spam hope to see you here again.