Keep Your Sitemap Bookmarked For Site Structuring

Having your post sitemap bookmarked is always a useful productivity tip. The structure of a website is a very important SEO factor that can help you increase website traffic. With your sitemap bookmarked you can easily create good internal and external structuring of your blog. It is a part of your SEO site structure plan. With good site structuring, you have a good site structure, WordPress prefer it, as the user does not easily get lost on your website. It is also easier for users to navigate your website which leads to a higher ranking.

Have your sitemap bookmarked for Internal Site structuring

xml sitemap bookmarked for Site structuring
Post Sitemap

Build internal links to posts and pages. Giving links to posts not performing well in search. That could be of more value to your blog. Use it to update blog posts that may need to be optimized or updated to more evergreen content for longer reader value.

If you don’t have a sitemap then use a plugin like Yoast or Rank math. These plugins can build one for you on WordPress. The other option is to generate one using where you can learn more about sitemaps. And how to use them to navigate your website.

External Structure

By external structure is more like what road leads people to your blog. Is it simple to good your keyword and everyone is on your landing page?. Many think of a landing page as being a big shiny piece of content with lots of power phrases and a showcase of value.

Using your sitemap you can easily find places on your site to deeply externally link. Just say you have a website that has slightly varied content and you want to build links to it and improve site structuring.