Search engine optimization

Using search console data to build internal links and boost search ranking


Picking your top posts and pages and optimizing them as much as possible from search console data.

This search console data is faked data in the image if you can get a 70% CTR in search you are one hell of a SEO.

search console data faked

By using your top blog posts in search console use this internal link building strategy to get them to rank higher. Go to search console and start building more links to these URLs. Make them internally and externally and improve site navigation. Try to integrate the keywords you are ranking for into published blog posts and new ones. Try getting lower raking pages higher in search by linking the higher ranked posts to lower.

Some of your posts will never rank on search maybe because they are focusing on a too competitive keyword. Instead of just deleting them. Just use your none ranking posts to pass juice to ones with high ranking potential. Think of all your posts as a recipe finder add what you can do when you can.

Does Google Search Console help SEO?

Yes very much as you will see any errors your site may have in search console. However you may have to use additional tools to find exactly what is causing them to harm your SEO.

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