Bully bots and your taste in music

Many will complain like this spotify bully bot about your tastes and for little reason other than over judgement. If you don’t fit in to their idea way to do things. Here you can meet the bully bot who will bash your music taste. Things like complaints about your Work/Clothes and more reasons people complain below.

Do people complain about your music taste Let this bully bot bash your spotify music

This mean bully bot will bash your spotify play history. I only used a free trial of spotify for a while but let the bot analyse my play history this is what it said.

spotify bully bot taste in music bashing

See what judge my spotify says about your spotify here https://pudding.cool/2020/12/judge-my-spotify/

Not just bots people seem to go online just to make complaints about your work

Some people just love complaining so let them live in misery. Complaining online can come from anywhere. Take a look at this embedded tweet showing below where some kind of bully bot made over 500 bad reviews. I say bot because nobody would be that critical I think.

Sean these kinds of people are obviously seriously ill. A complaint like someone paid for goods but never received them is fine but these serial bashers need a life. How could someone spend night after night putting down other people’s work if it is people doing this sometimes it can only be bully bots? These bully bots generally target Youtube videos and social networking sites like Digg. If you are being harassed by a bullying bot look at this tweet for more information.

Dealing with complaints about your work.

It depends on how much people paid for your work or what you promised. If you did make a mistake then admit it and apologize. But sometimes people will complain about your work to try to get a discount so don’t give in to bullying you into lowering your prices. When someone complains about your work one of the most important things to do is set your emotions aside and focus on the problem. What you need to do is put yourself in the customer’s place. Try to think as you would if you were writing a complaint letter about your boss. Were you work that bad or was it great as usual?. Sometimes people will complain about your website design and if you make changes they want to go back to the old layout.

Handling complaints about your clothes

It depends on the occasion or situation. The only types of comments about my clothing I would accept are when I am not wearing safety shoes for example. Maybe if I was wearing dark clothing at night in a poorly lit area on my bike is also acceptable. But other than that I wear what I like as it’s my choice what I wear the same should apply to you. However, if you work in a company that has a dress code policy it’s always better to try to comply. You may read viral stories about winning lawsuits but it’s mostly bigger companies who win these court cases.

Do you get complaints about your eating habits or how you eat.

Honestly, I would eat almost anything when I am hungry I cook with what I have in the fridge. But I detest it when someone is eating noisy foods like crisps or slurping soup. If you are one of these people then complaints about your eating habits are legit. But you probably have misophonia like myself and some noises make you cringe.

Now your turn to complain about something even his blog post.

What did I say wrong or right?. Anything you would like to complain about while we are on the subject. Did you have to deal with silly complaints about small things in your life often ?.