Most Boring Video on YouTube

There is plenty of boring videos but this one of Micheal from Vsauce saying prime numbers for 3 hours. Certainly has to be nearly the most boring video on youtube. I don’t think I am the only one but I find if you discover the most boring video it can help you sleep. I did not get to the end of the video 1459 was about where my attention broke and until he said 1499 with a slightly different voice.

But is it really the most boring video ever?

The video caught my attention and became less boring while playing in the background on autoplay. I did not purposely look for it. But anyway back to the 99 things I mentioned above. Maybe this is from listening to advertisements so much. We tend to say 99 is a little different strange since 99 itself is not a prime number.

Ending a price in .99 is based on the theory that. Because we read from left to right, the first digit of the price resonates with us the most, Hibbett explained. That’s why shoppers are more likely to buy a product for $4.99 than an identical one for $5. The item that starts with a 4 just seems like a better deal than the one that starts with 5.


2011 was another prime number that grabbed my attention. That could be because it sounded like a recent year. So the question on my mind now is “why do some numbers attract attention like the numbers I mentioned”. Of course, the year and the 99 is implanted in our minds by constant advertising. That we have been living with all our lives while sitting at a distance from the TV.

If we look at the number 95 which is also a non-prime number. 95 was also the number used in the title of a very successful product Windows 95. Which was supposed to make home computers easier to use but a nightmare in reality. Then we think of successful car brands like the Peugeot 206 which has sold over 10 million units worldwide.

So is this really the most dullest video online.

most boring video on youtube
Is this the most boring video on youtube still?

With over 429k views ist is certainly not the least successful video on youtube. The channel uploader has over 1.8 mill subscribers. How they do this is not so boring. If you get bored with this video you can always skip forward to when he says 7411. Spoiler alert where he takes a sip of water. Which incidentally they have another video of him actually watching a pot boil. Which is only a hour-long video if can handle the excitement.

I can’t safely say this is the most boring but interesting channel on youtube as it makes videos that can help you focus or sleep. That could be why they are successful as people are looking for boring stuff online to keep them relaxed. Maybe people are tired of looking at people doing dumb stuff online when watching online video and, just want something relaxed and monotone. Here is the video if you want to watch possibly the most boring video on youtube.

Another really boring video on YouTube MSWord on Mac 1989