Adsense alternatives ads, advertisement, website

Using Adsense Alternatives for your Homepage

Adsense alternatives ads, advertisement, website

Why it is not a Good Idea to Show Adsense on your Homepage

Your Homepage is Visited by the Majority of your Visitors and possibly multiple times per visitor resulting in Higher Impressions but lower Click through Rates.

This is Why I was Not using Adsense on my Homepage
Every time A visitor Comes to my Blog they will look at the homepage but these are mostly returning visitors or people with banner blindness. So in order to increase Adsense earnings, I needed to boost the Click-through Rate. So by placing an Alternative Ad network on my Homepage there are fewer Adsense Impressions made resulting in a Higher CTR for Adsense.

Adsense Alternatives for your Homepage

So why not Sell your ad space like this sports club with BidVertiser or another PPC company on your Homepage because these clicks will not pay as much as Adsense but they have a lower payout via Paypal. Adsense on your Homepage Normally leads to Lower paying Clicks because it is Contextual Advertising and works best inside blog posts. With Bidvertise I can choose more Relevant Ads to Display on my Homepage and keep my CTR for my Adsense Account at a Good Rate.

Other Reasons not to place Adsense on the Homepage

Other Reasons are that when I publish a new post I am at Risk of Being Smart Priced where other sites can be paid much more money per click than they will pay me for a click on my latest post. Think about Adsense Alternatives for your Homepage try using the WordPress Plugin Widget logic so you can control which Ads Show on Posts and Pages. Remember Adsense Works best inside the content and when your CTR is Low you will Also be Paid less per Click. So try to only show Adsense inside the content on Single Post and not on pages that people frequently Visit like your Homepage. However, that is not the case on all sites so even think about using Adsense auto ads for your site and run experiments in Adsense.

Finding a Good Adsense Alternatives for your Hompage

If your website revenue is just from adsense then use adsense on your hompage but you can also look into other display networks and afiliate banner ads for your hompage.