How Much Should a New Blog be Earning with AdSense

Getting Started in Adsense How much will I expect to be earning with Adsense

If you Want to Know How Much a New blog will Make daily with AdSense then think about this for A minute. Just say you have a New Blog set yourself a Target of saying One Dollar a Day. If you can make one dollar a Day with AdSense you will be paid in 4 Months. People may Laugh at this Amount and Want to Make $100 a Day with AdSense but the truth is most apps blogs and websites will only earn their hosting costs and domain.

Use Auto Ads on your website to increase earning with Adsense

This is probably the best way to increase earnings with Adsense as google knows the best ads that get the best ctr for your website.

Other Ways to Increase your AdSense Earnings
Revenue Sharing Some Sites Like She Told Me and You Say too will Give you between 40% and 60% Revenue Sharing. Another thing about these Sites is they give you backlinks which Increase Page Rank and Traffic to your blog they also give the Possibility of Increasing Blog Readership which Results in increased earning with AdSense. However, these are now closed and I have not found any decent revenue sharing sites even HubPages is not that good anymore.

Optimizing your Ads for Better Click-through rate or CTR

A-B testing is Horrible and Very Time-Consuming Try Using a third Party Ad Network to Optimize your AdSense they Will Help with Blending your Ads into your Template and Place Targeting Performance. One such Program is Yield Bulb which is Free to use.

Widgets like Flag counters are Not Helping your Earnings

Think about it Do you want your Ads to Catch the Attention of your Visitors or Do you want people leaving your site to Get gadgets these Traffic Feed counters to end up Costing you money they are Also another Problem with these is that they make your page load slowly and sometimes cover up your Ads. I have seen it Thousands of Times Gadgets Above the fold are not Going to help you Make any Money with your Blog. If you think you need these try placing them in the Footer.

If you Get Serious About Earning

You will need your Own hosting Because the Speed your Page loads are Very Important you can Get Hosting From Dreamhost(My Referral Link) or another decent budget self-hosting solution for WordPress for less than $5 a month and you will have more control over your Site one Benefit is that Self-hosted Blogs, Get Indexed faster by Web search engines.

The Problem with Most Blogs is the Content

Your template is Cool and you have lots of visitors but you are not Making Money. This is Because Most of the Time it’s the Content itself that Makes money with Adsense if you are Writing about things that Don’t have a Market Value then you are not going to Make Money. The Biggest Problem with Writing is that your content must be advert encouraging you can even have to buy blog content.

How to optimize your AdSense revenue in WordPress

Target higher-paying keywords.

Use the text you see advertisers using in your content like “Earn more with Adsense” or “Writing content that gets Adsense clicks”

Filter out ads that are showing too often on your website

Use fewer ads on your blog as sometimes more is less

Use a CDN so your site loads faster

Put the AdSense code in your site without a plugin as plugins are slow at times.

Remove slow loading sidebar items on your blog

Create related blog posts like Part 1 and 2 so readers will make more page views and increase pay per impression ads


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  1. Richard Scott Avatar
    Richard Scott

    I believe the whole key is the content. Good, long detailed content that will get you into the search engines and showing up on page one. Your regular readers aren’t going to click adsense ads. It’s the people that come to your site through search that will. That’s your target audience. Work the great blogs that over time will bring the traffic. That’s the only way you’ll ever make money blogging with adsense.

  2. Search Traffic and Adwords Traffic are the Visitors that will Make the Most, I have tried to use Interest based ads with Google Friend connect but GFC makes your Site perform badly in search because it is Slow ,also Social media Traffic is almost worthless when it comes to Adsense