• Linktree vs. Personal Domain: Comparison?

    About and What is Linktree? Linktree has risen in popularity since its establishment in 2016. The idea behind the website was to ease communication between Instagram users. According to co-founder Alex Zaccaria, constantly changing Instagram bio links had become tiring for Zaccaria and his team of artist managers. Other users shared similar sentiments. For starters, […]

  • Block Unwanted Countries Refuse Countries Access To Your Site

    A pro reason to block unwanted countries is to save bandwidth, especially on video sites and music streaming sites but sometimes it can be for security and privacy reasons. Speed up your website and avoid spam when you block unwanted countries. For Example, if you were running services like speed test Ookla but only wanted […]

  • What Can You Do With A Blog In 227 Days

    Expecting some big list not here mate, Here I am just showing examples of what I did with this blog in 227 days. The post does build some internal link structure which I need to do here and it makes better site navigation for added user experience. Since I went back to blogging it has […]

  • Overlooking Visitor Traffic Acquisition Strategies On New Blogs

    When you start a blog one thing you will want is visitors. Traffic Acquisition Plans seems to be is the best way to attract “as many visitors as possible”. However, planned traffic acquisition strategies are vital for the growth of a blog in the long term. In this post, we will look at the acquisition […]

  • All the Little Jobs Blogging Beyond The Post

    We write articles on our blogs and proofread them before publishing this is the job of a writer publisher and secretary,One of the problems most of us have is that we have to switch between the frame of mind of a programmer, writer and publisher. The writing part is sometimes hard enough but when we […]

  • Using Adsense Alternatives for your Homepage

    Why it is not a Good Idea to Show Adsense on your Homepage Your Homepage is Visited by the Majority of your Visitors and possibly multiple times per visitor resulting in Higher Impressions but lower Click through Rates. This is Why I was Not using Adsense on my HomepageEvery time A visitor Comes to my […]

  • How Much Should a New Blog be Earning with AdSense

    Getting Started in Adsense How much will I expect to be earning with Adsense If you Want to Know How Much a New blog will Make daily with AdSense then think about this for A minute. Just say you have a New Blog set yourself a Target of saying One Dollar a Day. If you […]

  • Getting 50 visitors a Day by Boosting blog posts

    Getting 50 visitors a day is a Dream for some blogs in their early stages believe it or not. With this Easy method, you could easily get even 100 visitors by boosting blog posts. Finding out this simple trick really helped me improve my traffic. The secret is to get each of your posts to […]

  • SEO or Readers Which is more Important for Blogs

    Day in Day out I had Been thinking about SEO trying to Get it Right. How Do you Get SEO to Function, Some say that You can Never optimize your Site for SEO and If you Do you Have to Do It every day and It’s A Neverending Task. Choosing a SEO or Readers Blog […]

  • Simply Enabling hotlink protection in cloudflare

    Cloudflare has a feature called hotlink protection it is also available in cpanel. This is how you enable or disable hotlink protection in your cloudflare dashboard. What is hotlinking and why you should enable or disable hotlink protection in cloudflare? Hotlink protection in Cloudflare is to save your server bandwidth by disabling other websites’ ability […]