All the Little Jobs Blogging Beyond The Post

We write articles on our blogs and proofread them before publishing this is the job of a writer publisher and secretary,One of the problems most of us have is that we have to switch between the frame of mind of a programmer, writer and publisher.

The writing part is sometimes hard enough but when we also think of ourselves as publishers and programmers we are thinking from other points of view.
Take writing blog posts I could have hundreds of more pages of content if I was not thinking as a publisher when I think like a publisher I get some kinds of goals to the articles that I write on this blog,And that I have to meet a deadline by publishing every day.

The programmer is another part of me that thinks that if the Article is too short then it will not fit the theme of this blog and a design clash is something else I have to deal with.

The above 3 frames of mind are not really that hard to adjust between but then there are other jobs that come with blogging and one of these is being a secretary and having to deal with public relations all of these jobs that come with blogging so how do you handle them.

Do you give yourself a time of day to write and another time of day to deal with all the other little jobs that come with blogging?

Little Jobs Blogging As A Rant

This is one of the reasons I made this category rants so that I would have more to write about so I could keep my publisher happy and give me more time to learn more about programming and writing blogs