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Getting 50 visitors a Day by Boosting blog posts

Getting 50 visitors a day is a Dream for some blogs in their early stages believe it or not. With this Easy method, you could easily get even 100 visitors by boosting blog posts. Finding out this simple trick really helped me improve my traffic. The secret is to get each of your posts to have a constant flow of traffic I will now Explain shortly how it works

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Boosting individual blog posts to get more than 50 visitors a day

I read a post earlier about an Idea of 5 visits per post per day and now I am thinking it’s very possible to get much traffic to your blog using the method. I have also seen that yahoo answers traffic stays longer on my site I talked about getting traffic from Yahoo Answers in a post earlier this week. Now I intend to Make a Site and make it Keyword Rich and Leave a link to my Blog on it. That is Easier said than Done SEO is hard work and takes much time to perfect if you ever do perfect SEO also because as you may already know writing one post a day is Important that also takes Time and Research. This is where I should start saving Draft posts for rainy days or even worse Writers Block.

Now there is also Target Traffic and Last Week I submitted a link to Reddit for the first time and maybe the last for a while because almost all the 40 Visits Bounced after 0 seconds I guess I just put a nice headline in there. But Reddit and Digg are known for high bounce rates so I will forget about them for a while. So to get 50 visits a day I plan to keep up on this Post I read that says if you have 20 posts and you get 5 visitors to each post you will have 100 visitors a day I am setting my goal a 50 for now and I think it will work.

Because it’s a goal that all low traffic Blogs can Aim for because it may not be much to many A-List bloggers but to a Z-list blogger it’s a Carnival. Once you can get 50 visitors to your blog you can get 100 because you have a better idea of what works and what drives traffic to your blog.

When I first started blogging I read some posts that went by the 500 Word Article Principal. This is you write one or two posts a week of at least five hundred words the submit them to Article Directories and you will get lots of traffic. These posts are not very helpful if you are just ranting and raving.

Try getting 5 visits per post per day at first.

With 10 boosted blog posts you could try to reach 5 visits for each blog post by internal linking so maybe that’s a tactic you could try in future blog posts. Even if it links to a video documentaries post tags or categories. See how it works for you.


3 responses to “Getting 50 visitors a Day by Boosting blog posts”

  1. Ermm.. 50 is cool.. I hope I can get it

  2. This is a great tip and blog for beginners! Thank you for this.

  3. When people start a blog they have to accept that for the first few months they will get very little traffic. I am only starting to rank for posts I wrote back in January. The key to blog traffic is patience and hard work.