SEO or Readers Which is more Important for Blogs

Day in Day out I had Been thinking about SEO trying to Get it Right. How Do you Get SEO to Function, Some say that You can Never optimize your Site for SEO and If you Do you Have to Do It every day and It’s A Neverending Task.

Choosing a SEO or Readers Blog Strategy

So what Do you do then for Traffic, How about Something that many Forget about Reader Optimization yes much more important than Keywords Because the Reader is The Heart and Soul of A Blog. There is Not Much Point in writing for Spiders when It can’t Be Read By Humans. This all Comes Down To Content Quality that pays off, in the Long Run, it’s A Shame that I have Not yet Mastered it But Give me Time.

With So many Scams out there Telling you How to Get more Traffic to your Blog the thing is Visitors Come and Find out there is nothing on the page anyway so they just leave Empty Handed and All that Work or Money you Spent on it Is Wasted.

Yesterday I got Many visits From Reddit But Reddit Traffic tends to Be Bounce Traffic the Same Goes For Digg and Most Social Networking Sites, They Tend to Be Popin Popout Visits, and no matter How many Popups you have you will Sell nothing if they are untargeted visitors. A website that finds recipes with ingredients you have to get more visitors.

I find the Best Traffic Comes From Commenting on blogs and Forums as It’s is Generally Target Traffic if you comment on top blogs Like John Chow or JoelComm you might Get some Interest-Based Traffic. But what about The Z-list Blogs comment on those also if they have related interest not just for links, But Also for Readers as this is the Most important Traffic. If someone Should see that you are interested in their Blog they will also Start to Be Interested in yours Because Subscribers or Readers are the Most Important Part of your Blog.


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  1. very relevant info I appreciate it!!I think I will go for SEO. Because the seo is what which drives readers to your blog and so what readers will give you a good traffic.

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    I vote for seo, seo will make your blog have reader.