Plugins to know 6 Super WordPress plugins

Super WordPress Plugins that you May not Know. Why you should be using some of them.

While there are so many plugins to know. These WordPress plugins are very valuable. Helpful to have installed on your blog but not all are necessary. They can help site navigation, internal linking and security when your theme does not.

1:WordPress Anti Spam Simple Captcha

Must know WordPress plugins for blog comments. Unlike most Captcha Plugins the plugin simple captcha can be set to use only block caps and numbers if Required. Easy to Read and Not Annoying to your Visitors. Instead of clicking on pictures of boats or sports cars.

2:Must know WordPress plugin Widget Logic

Want a great display plugin Widget Logic is the answer. Because you can Place all those Directory Badges and Social Networking Gadgets only on the Homepage. This leaves the single pages and posts widget free. Simply by just Typing is_home() in the Widget Settings.

3:Must know WordPress plugin Broken Link Checker

When you link to other peoples websites and images. It can happen that they change the permalink or remove the Image. Broken links Checker will let you know when linked images are removed. Content especially the Images for Wikipedia are often Removed you need to Know to Avoid Broken links on your Blog.

4:Must know WordPress plugin Move Comments

This is a great plugin if your theme put’s comment reply’s in the wrong place. This can confuse the Conversation on your Blog post. I do not use it anymore but I needed it on Some Badly Coded themes that I have used.

5:Must know WordPress plugin Anti Feed Scraper Message

Apart from having to deal with Spam on Blogs there is Worse these are called scrapers. While at least Spammers visit your site.The Antifeed Scraper Message Plugin leaves a message where the blog post originally appeared. Then it will link back to the post on your blog. So it gives the Scraper or Auto Blog no Credit for the Post. Especially if you have set your feeds to short and not full feed content.

6:Must know WordPress plugin No-follow Reciprocity

If you link to a high Page rank Site like Wikipedia or Twitter. You are Also Sending them link Juice but they do not send any juice back. Mention them but do not give them any link juice. But you still give credit to your friends blogs with lower page rank.

I hope one of these Plugins will help you solve. Just some of the Small Problems you can have with a WordPress Blog.


2 responses to “Plugins to know 6 Super WordPress plugins”

  1. You’re right! I never heard of these plugins before but I’m sure glad you pointed them out for me 🙂

    there are all sorts of plugins out there and you never know when you find a little gold mine.

    Thanks for this

  2. Chris Avatar

    Thanks Remi some people are always giving credit to plugings like related posts and All in One SEO Pack but these are the most popular ones but readers need to know about less popular WordPress Plugings glad they can help