Bad News! How To Get rid of It

Getting rid of bad news each time you use your computer or internet-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. Ways to filter out negative news and get more uplifting positive news.

If you just hear bad news you think everything is bad

Recently I have been trying to change what I read as I find myself tired most of the time as my mind is overloaded with overdramatic headline news from TV or when I go online. It seems like every time I pick up the phone all I see is covid deaths, business closing, and when I go out it is not much different when I talk to people as they are in much the same situation. This is very energy draining as there is little I or others can do only follow the basic guidelines and wait.

But when I wait I get tired and while natural sleep is important being tired because of nearly routinely listening to the same story each day and then reading these stories repetitively is very bad for both your mental and physical health especially during lockdowns restricting your bad news and it’s sources vital.

What happens to your body when you hear negative news?

When we come across negative stories we tend to think negatively and when we try not to think about it but fighting to think about can lead to a range of problems from stomach, chest, and even a complete lack of energy and enthusiasm. The brain is much more capable of dealing with tragic stories, than you may think. Here you can read more about the negative effects of repetitive bad news on your physical and mental health

Can tragic stories make you tired?

I have known quite a few people who get up in the morning and turn on the TV to get the news and look at the news the last thing at night.  They always seem to be bored or tired and even on sleeping medication. With the constant bombardment of news, your mind will naturally tire.

Why do we like terrible stories anyway?

While it is important as a survival tactic to know if there is going to be a war, hurricane, or a change to income tax rates. We pay attention to these stories more as we are worried about what the future is holding.  So deep down we need to be informed about something terrible is coming. So we pay more attention to it because we need our daily bad news in a way. Especially when we should be protecting our mental health in a pandemic.

How to Get Less Bad News Online By Restricting Your News Sources.

Use Digital Wellbeing Apps or Settings To Restrict Negativity in your feeds

In an earlier article, I wrote about digital wellbeing by using digital wellbeing settings or apps you can limit the time you spend reading mainstream news articles.

Unfollow News Sources On Social Media Networks.

Besides email newsletters about headline news, If you are following an online news source on Twitter and Facebook maybe you should unfollow them on one of the social networks. They will mostly be promoting the same news story anyway and it could be prioritizing the story in your news feed so you are missing out on more important things that you could be informed or interested in ect.

Go For a walk Even an Observant Walk.

Getting out of the house especially without your smartphone, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Unless you have a neighbour who puts on the news really loud. Even going out to the garden if you have one can distract you from negative news stories. Have a look at nature come back and read about that bird you have seen or plant. Maybe if you are in the market for a new car. You may like to look up the cars you see passing by online or anything else you see of interest.

Think about your Hobbies Get News About them Instead if You Can Find Any.

Yesterday I was looking at these high-tech model builders in Germany. One guy has spent 8 years on his hobby and dream of having a giant ridable model railway. While a few others were into model aircraft and rockets. Some of the people actually spent 8 years work on their hobby project. By not being wrapped up in the news constantly try to keep busy doing productive things instead.

Sports as A Breakaway From Mainstream Problems.

Be it playing your favorite sport or just watching it can take up quite a lot of time. I know some people who would gladly spend their day looking at snooker or golf. It has to be more positive on the mind instead. Who needs to be looking at we are all going to die stories every minute of the day.

How do you get away from bad stories overloading your feeds?

Tell us how you keep away from hearing seeing and reading the same old headlines all day below.