Happy Mentally App An App To Make You Happy

A review of the Happyer app for android is available from the google play store. Happyer is a Happy Mentally App that uses a journal-based way of tracking your happiness. The app uses journaling to teach you how to be mentally healthy and happy and is a good tool for those who are recovering from addiction as it helps form routine. Your results get better the more happy activities you put in your journal entries. When the more happiness points you score and thus the happier you are according to the app. The app is also available from the apple app store links below.

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Video showing the Happyer Happy mentally app in action

Here are some of the reviews of the happyer app on the iPhone app store

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Using the happyer app alone reminds me to pick tasks that I enjoy. Improving my mental health drastically in only a few days I am into a routine again. I had lost my routine but thanks to the happyer app it has also taught me, that doing tasks I don’t enjoy but have to is a little easier now. Because you assign negative or positive points to each task sometimes you see negative tasks as being neutral and not as bad as they seem.

  • Install the happyer app and login to account using email or just your facebook login
  • create entries for what you want to get done give them positive or negative impact.
  • Share with your friends for collaborated entries which are done that make you both happy
  • Diary type app to track mood.
  • It,s mood tracking app

Where to download the app to make you Happier?

Get the happier app on google play store by clicking the link to Happyer or from the app store for apple

Why not try it out and let us know if you are Happyer in the comments. Maybe you would like to read about more apps and extensions like this productivity and website blocking tool for chrome. Or read about this a digital and carbon footprint app. If you have the Happyer app don’t forget to give it a review on the app store you use.