Suddenly having no interest in social media

Do you have no interest in social media or just not using Facebook anymore?

Maybe I am not the only one that has suddenly no interest in social media. For a start, I could blame having to be socially distant. But have sites like Facebook, Instagram and the rest received a downturn in the past few months. I see many people have now deleted their accounts and started sharing less online in my own circle. So let’s dig a bit deeper into why you would find yourself with a lack of interest in social networking sites.

How can you be social online when you have no social interaction.

Most of us are basically locked in our homes or only allowed to travel a small distance from home. When we do it is just for a compulsory piece of daily exercise or to get essential goods and services that cant be done remotely. So when we do meet there is little to talk about only how sick we are of this lockdown stuff and all the negative news headlines.

Why people are not social media sharing

They have no interest in social media because it’s too easy to get banned

It’s too easy to lose your social media accounts for little reason. Many are afraid of getting accounts blocked as much content shared has emotionally deep roots when many are emotionally unstable as lockdowns are not a part of our nature unless you are a gamer then lockdown is basically just the same. Take a look at this post from Forbes

Instagram and other sharing sites are full of site wide scams

Sick of looking at people pretending to be enjoying themselves and using filters to portray how beautiful they are when they have bags under their eyes and are stuffing themselves with junk food. Stop faking it with filters, please. Instagram also seems to be full of scams here is a post warning you about the most popular ones.

No interest in social media because of negative news bombardment

Too much bad news on social networks thinks of it a daily death report is the main headline. This has been going on for a year now and people are tired of much the same news each day but here is some good news you can now rick n roll in 4k.

They feel that their life is dull and have little to share

Nothing much to share online when you are sitting in the house all the time. You become uninspired as the general public’s interest in your third kitchen makeover this year alone has gone.

After spending a day remote working they have no interest in social media

You could be working from home using Facebook workplace and not want to go on Facebook again when you finish because you have screen eyes. Of you are just not using Facebook anymore.

Maybe you have no interest in social media because you are doing what you love.

But these are not the only reasons why you have no interest in social media anymore you could be like the people doing other things with their time besides spending their days looking at memes. Many have gone back to their hobbies and Interests and have no interest in social media as it’s simply too disruptive to what they are currently investing their time in and feel you need to no longer use social media.

So do you still have as much interest in social media?

Do you use social media for work or play even both?. Have you gained or lost interest in online social media sharing. Maybe there is a reason why you no longer use social media? or are not using Facebook anymore. Please tell us below in the comments that do not require you to log in to comment.