• Carbon and Digital Footprint App for Free.

    Helping you reduce your CO2 (Carbon dioxide)footprint this app helps and gives you tips to drop your carbon footprint

  • 4 Must Have Mental Health Apps

    4 Mental Health Apps You Should Have on Your Phone Bereavement, a lost love, financial struggles; you name it, numerous factors threaten your mental wellbeing. However, only a few people are willing to seek professional help despite the rising mental health awareness. Apart from the stigma surrounding mental therapy, some patients lack knowledge about their […]

  • Fix Screen Overlay Display In Ubuntu

    This command fixes the problem with your full desktop screen not showing in ubuntu when your desktop is not showing the application menu on the screen. Your Linux desktop probably looks like this and you are not getting the correct resolution so the application menu and other things at the side of your screen is […]

  • How to remove Xiaomi watermark on Android Phone Camera

    Instructions to disable watermark on android phones like XIAOMI Mi 10 Many Android phones now come with a built-in watermark feature on the photos. This would be fine if you want to brand your photos but you don’t want to be promoting some phone manufacturer like Xiaomi in your personal photos. People ask can you […]

  • Simple Solution to using a second phone number Whatsapp account

    Sometimes you may need to use a second phone number Whatsapp account. I must warn you however before proceeding please understand that according to the official Whatsapp help page regarding second accounts says this about using dual numbers. Warning from Whatsapp Regarding Multiple Accounts Your WhatsApp account can only be verified with one number on […]

  • Fix Chrome Error 118 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

    Don’t worry chrome error 118 net err_connection_timed_out is a common error Go incognito or Use another browser to see if you also get chrome error 118 net err_connection_timed_out Web browsers sometimes give error messages if you are getting error 118 net err_connection_timed_out. First Try opening another private window/incognito window or try using another Browser and […]

  • Configure Motorola netopia router DNS to use Google DNS Servers or Open DNS

    This post will help you change the DNS setting on your Netopia router. This will improve the connectivity and overall speed of your internet connection. Most internet Service Providers have terrible DNS Servers and are Frequently Attacked. So using other DNS servers is not only Faster but Safer. Changing the Default DNS Servers on a […]

  • Recipe Finder With Ingredients Apps

    Using these Recipe Finder With Ingredients apps and websites will help not to eat the same food time and again as it can get boring. But you can try to spice things up by trying something new. The best part? You do not have to spend hours in queues shopping for groceries; you can create […]

  • How to switch back to the old facebook version in 2022

    The easiest way to get the old layout for Facebook is by navigating to the Facebook mobile version of Facebook. The other option is just for computers running chrome by and installing a browser add-on or extension. The mobile site for facebook is m.facebook.com. If you have difficulty using the new layout for Facebook, especially […]