Instructions to disable watermark on android phones like XIAOMI Mi 10

Many Android phones now come with a built-in watermark feature on the photos. This would be fine if you want to brand your photos but you don’t want to be promoting some phone manufacturer like Xiaomi in your personal photos. People ask can you remove the Xiaomi watermark and the answer is yes. So to remove the watermark from all photos in the future open your phone settings with these instructions.

Video instructions removing Xiaomi Watermark Mi 10 Camera Watermark Short

Some people like video instructions check out this video on how to remove the Xiaomi watermark on photos or read the instructions below.

Select camera and toggle the camera for watermarks setting to off. This will remove the Xiaomi watermark for all future pictures you take with your android phone.

Just go to settings>camera and toggle the watermark option to off on a Xiaomi phone

remove xiaomi watermark disable watermark on android

App to remove watermarks from photos already taken with your phone.

If you already have pictures on your phone with watermarks. Then to remove the watermarks you need an app like Snapseed which is a full-featured photo editor for android. If you have a PC program like Photoshop you can follow this guide to remove watermarks in photoshop. If you are like me and prefer a free open-source image editor like gimp here is how to remove watermarks from photos in gimp.

App to add your own watermark or text to your photos

Maybe you would like to add your own watermark text even a brand logo to your photos. With this free app you can start branding your own photos which is very useful for product pictures you are uploading if you own a website.

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