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Photos in your Articles are they Important

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Placing photos in your articles has long been a trick to ensure extra visitors and more engagement but are they important?. There are many Bloggers that spend hours working and searching for photos for blog posts. But are photos in blog posts that important and do you even need a photo in your articles.I admit that sometimes a photo can make a blog post look great but why to waste countless hours searching for a photo to suit what you are writing also it can happen that the wrong alt text is in the photo and you are making an extra D.N.S request by using the photo in your post.

Linking to photos in your articles and hotlinking

Then there is the problem that you have the photo and the owner decided to disable Hotlinking or just removes the photo from the Server or their Picasa Account. Then the photo is gone and you only have your plain text once again. I must admit that I do not use photos in blog posts very often because, I think that they are just for show, most of the time it will be hard to find a photo for the topic of the post that could be better spent looking for related posts and building links to that post or commenting on related blogs.

Photos in your articles can bring image search traffic

While photos are also a good way to get results from Google images these visits are of not much value sometimes and the image seekers will rarely take a look at your text or buy your product if you are writing for a business blog. Do you think that photos are important in blog posts? besides the images of your products.

There are some Bloggers that Think Photos in your articles are Important while others prefer not to use images in blog posts then there is the problem of advertising Plugins covering the Images there are many Pros and Cons of Having Images in Blog Posts. So do images help or destroy your content and why do you think that it is a good or bad idea to use photos in blog posts

I believe if the photo inspired the post then it is worth placing in the Blog post or if the post is about a place or person then this is very important but otherwise, photos are not that Important in blog posts and I would not spend much time looking for a photo for your Articles that could be spent doing much more productive things.

Places to find photos for your blog posts



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