How To Learn Programming by SJay

Learn to learn computer programming.

Many people claim that learning a programming language is hard and complicated. However, I find it easy, fun and challenging. Computer programming is nothing but converting the logic we use to solve the problems in to computer understandable language.

Positive and logical mindset is the key to make it easy to learn a programming language. Always think that learning a programming language is simple, easy, and fun. Even if your friends claim that, it is hard and complicated, do not believe it.

Imagine we want to write a program to get something done by computer. First, we understand the requirements then figure out how we can achieve it (Requirement and Designing part). Then we write it in a programming language where both computer and you will understand (Write a Computer program in a programming language). Finally we convert it to machine code that only the computer can understand (Compile). Every time when we want the computer to perform the same task we run that program and provide information it required (Run the Program).

In simple example, we will try to write a program to add two numbers. Our brain works fast so we do not notice many small steps we take to complete a task. If we break that task in to smallest steps just like the way, computers understand.

  • Input one is going to be a number
  • Input two is going to be a number
  • Output is a number as well
  • Get Input one
  • Get Input two
  • Add Input one with Input two and get the result
  • The result is considered as the Output
  • Display the output.

Computers will understand the above process in a similar manner. When programming it we need to specify each step so computer can understand it clearly. Only thin you need to do is to convert above steps into programming language. That can be Java, C, C##, JavaScript or anything.

In Summary, try to understand the situation and what you exactly want the computer to do. Then break it in to smallest step you can think. This is the first step to do before start coding.

What is next? Start learning a programming language.You can find many hacks and tricks to learn a computer language here.


3 responses to “How To Learn Programming by SJay”

  1. yup, i understand it now.. it is just facing our fear and our procrastinations..

    thanks man..

  2. Good one! lower level language need more instruction and details compared to higher level language

  3. Why can’t I find a table that shows the relation of datatypes and structures of programming basic logic, ie. the parts of stuctures, logical types, characters, strings, etc.