Besides writing a search-friendly or attractive to social media visitors blog post. There are also some small tweaks that we could use to ensure extra visitors to a website. The Article alone is sometimes not enough and making a good description for your blog post to help promote it on social bookmarking sites is also important there is also finding the correct tags and using those tags on the social sites during your Article submission.

Read your article and then try to write a short summary about the Article for your Social bookmarking Submission.

Use the Same Tags that you used in the Article on the Bookmarking Service.

Make friends on these sites and subscribe to them Karma can bring many visitors when done correctly.

Comment on Related posts and link to the URL of your post and not just your homepage.

Try to be very Active in one site, If you just post your own links and don’t vote up other people’s content don’t expect people to vote for you.

The headline is the reason most people visit your site think of a catchy title before publishing search for the title you are thinking of using.

Comment on your submissions write your comment before you publish and save it as a text file to paste it on submission

There are also many other ways to improve the number of social visitors that you get to your blogs like joining groups and cliques, But beware as some sites will ban your site from submission if they think that you are doing vote exchanges.

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