Even before I started looking into “Thinking Too Much Strategy” I came across an article on Forbes about the topic of using too much strategy in completing a task.

So what did I gain from the article personally nothing because I just looked at it and know is probably the type of article most people want to read. So Forbes has a good strategy for that task.

Then you have this blog’s version which is just how I stopped thinking too much strategy for Breakthrough Thinking from Inside the Box. You Have 2 Articles Free on the site Harvard Business Review A Month if you Wish to read that.

Video on How To Eliminate Overthinking Strategy


I have not been updating this site much lately so I am including the links above but this can be a rant from here on so read at your own risk. I have been busy with my site partner Jimmy Fleming working on Guitardoor.com. We use strategy there but maybe not enough, It’s not the type of site that you can run out and just buy blog content for when you need to update which I do sometimes for this site but Guitardoor has a unique guitarist point of view and we are putting in so much work on the site sometimes it’s hard to keep to a strategic plan.

But it’s working well for us with over 2000 visitors a month on a 5-month-old website. Using a Social Strategy for Website Traffic until the SEO work starts paying off we are climbing so that’s all working.

Now this is mostly social traffic and it can be a lot of work for little return but guitardoor is still in its infancy as a website. There are things still to be set up on the site which we still hope to implement. But all this will never get done unless we eat the elephant piece by piece. What we need is content and we have to date created over 60 1000+ Word blog posts.