• Phoenix Rising A Musicians Battle With Dystonia

    Wisdom is the result of Battle. The color of Truth is sometimes Bloody Red. We are seeing many of these battles in internet streaming and distribution. Simultaneously we see the fall of the Record industry as we have known it. The tech and finance end of this is well covered in the media. The Human […]

  • Finding the Best desks for office space

    Looking for great desks for home office space can be confusing especially when it comes to working from home and being productive. Picking a home office desk type or how big of a desk you need to work from home are all questions that spring to mind when buying desks for home offices. So how […]

  • Not in the Mood for Writing Blog Prompts

    These are some things I would like to read. I am giving a few prompts and what I would like to read about them maybe you have a similar post tell us in the comments. You can also make additional blog promts in the comments. How to increase engagement on twitter for non business blogs […]

  • Email a Resume and Cover Tips To Land That Job

    According to Glassdoor, every corporate job advertisement receives 250 resumes. Your qualifications alone aren’t enough to get you the job of your dreams. You need to learn how to email a resume and cover letter to stay ahead of the competition. Emails introduce you to potential employers even before you attend physical interviews. But how […]

  • 1000 Word Long Blog Post? Situations When they are Needed and Not

    1000 Word Long Blog Post do you need this many words to get search traffic to your blog posts. How long should a blog post be? if we write 1200 words or more our rankings increase, but that can be a lot of reading for your visitors let alone writing for your to do if […]

  • Use Twitter For Blog Topics As Promts

    Stuck for something to write why not use a Twitter topic as a blog post. Reading your twitter stream can give you many ideas for blog post’s by watching the trends of the tweets from the people you follow you could easily pick a topic for your next blog post. The topic could be something […]

  • Default Ubuntu password reset instructions

    Sometimes we all forget passwords and in Ubuntu, it is quite easy to perform a password reset on your computer here are ways to change the default ubuntu password. This tutorial shows you how to change the default password using the command line in Ubuntu. Instructions, to reset the password of an Ubuntu desktop. Ubuntu […]

  • Video Promotion For Blogs

    Video promotion for blogs. I feel ill when I hear this from canned marketers from MLM schemes like Herbalife. So you are a Great Actor and you can’t Sell a thing writing you Just have to make a Video and Show off your Acting Skills While talking about Getting 1000’s Visitors to your Site. I […]

  • How to Know What to Sell on your Blog

    Impulse selling on Blogs We have all heard about buying on impulse but what about selling on impulse many bloggers try to sell products on their blogs in order to make some money from affiliate programs or paid to review posts. So how do you choose what to sell on your blog and how do you […]

  • Fix Chrome Bug Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE):

    Background to Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Google Chrome gives users a very annoying Error 324 and does not load any web pages. There are some causes to this problem which can easily be fixed and let you go back to surfing without a problem. Don’t panic when you get Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): When you get the Error […]