Boost Views And Listens By Adding Good Media Descriptions

While blog posts and websites can be easily found in search engines when optimized correctly. It is another problem with media such as video, images, music, and podcasts. Without good media descriptions, many great music tracks and good visual content can never be found in search engines. Here is what to do with your audio or video descriptions to get more views and boost views and listens to your online videos photos and audio.

Use Alt Text and Description For Images

Camouflage cat good media descriptions
Camouflage cat sleeping in a bush

So this is not a great picture it’s just a cat sitting in a dying ivy bush and he is slightly camouflaged. But since I mentioned that here there is a much better chance of this camouflaged cat being seen than a perfectly photographed cat photo with no description for the image. Try using these when describing a photo to get more views using good media descriptions.

  • Where the photo was taken
  • Who is in the photo
  • What type of camera were you using
  • What style of photography is your photo
  • Did you make any adjustments using an app or software like lightroom?
  • A link to more of your photos on a website or social media platform
  • Watermark your Images

Tell the Key Points of Video Footage for Good Media Descriptions

Unless you describe what your video is about search engines don’t know what your video is about and generally just use the Title and description. By stating what your video is about you are increasing the chances of your video content being found online. If it’s just a funny video it may go viral but there is very little chance of that happening since these viral videos are very hard actually become viral. So use the following in your descriptions of videos.

  • What is your video about
  • Where is your video recorded
  • What the music is in your video and who makes/sings the tune
  • Software used to make the video and any tips on using it
  • Is there follow up content to the video like a part 2
  • Is the video from an event?
  • Place a watermark in your videos for branding
  • A link to your website or online profile

Explain your audio with good media descriptions

While visual content can catch people’s eyes on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Audio content can be really tricky to describe before anyone hears it. But some of these tips might help you find more listeners to your music or podcast.

  • What kind of Audio is it Music, Chat, Podcast or Audiobook
  • What is being played or spoken about in the audio
  • If it’s music what style of music is the recording
  • Does the music sound like a more familiar artist
  • Who are you talking to if it’s a chat recording and what about
  • If it’s music which Instruments are you playing even effect pedals and guitar brands can generate interest
  • What inspired you to create the audio and how were you feeling keeping the title in mind

How to edit your YouTube Description in 2021

This is a short video showing you where to edit your YouTube video description in 2021. If it has changed since the old layout. Put as much information or a short story in there and use some keywords in the media description.

Always try to put a Call to Action (CTA) in your descriptions

When you upload audio or video to online streaming sites you probably want people to subscribe, visit your website, or buy your music. Put a link to a few online profiles and your websites in the description of your media. You can also put in a link to more media content and get more views/listens for those uploaded media.

Good Media Descriptions are not false descriptions

Never describe your online media as something it is not. if you are playing jazz there is no point describing your audio as hip hop because it is more popular. The same with video if it’s funny label it funny but there is very little point in doing so unless it is and it could hurt your future uploads. When you use true informative descriptions of your media content then you are writing good media descriptions which will boost views and listens.

Asking Loyal viewers and listeners to describe it for you

Sometimes people may ask where is that picture was taken or what is the sound at so many minutes. Ask for feedback from subscribers in your descriptions such as SoundCloud timed comments. Put their feedback in your descriptive text and credit them if possible. With a few small description tweaks to your online media its easy to get extra views and listens for your content.

Guest Write to blogs and include your Uploaded and Stream-able media

If you feel comfortable about writing something about your image, video, or audio why not put a few words together and ask someone to publish it on their site. Have a look at what my friend Jimmy Fleming done as an example when he wrote about his battle with dystonia in the previous post. This was like writing a description of his track and cause which seems to be getting him many new listeners for his music and awareness for his fight against dystonia. Now if you have not done it yet edit your Youtube description or other media descriptions and make a comment or suggest more tips to boost views and listens.