Finding the Best desks for office space

Looking for great desks for home office space can be confusing especially when it comes to working from home and being productive. Picking a home office desk type or how big of a desk you need to work from home are all questions that spring to mind when buying desks for home offices. So how do you choose which are the best desks for your home office space?. Since many are now working from home with facebook workplace and other remote working systems. Many things need to be considered especially when you have a small home office space. This guide will help you choose the best desk for your small home office.

Deciding how big of a desk you need and what fits.

Not all office space is the same and especially when it comes to home offices which could be anything. How big of a desk do you need and what fits where you work in your home is an important factor when choosing a home office desk type. Some people just need enough space to place a monitor and keyboard but others may have multiple monitors and need space for paperwork on their desks. Size does matter when it comes to choosing a desk and the best desk choice can lead to increased productivity in the home office. We will look at office desk style choice in more detail below.

Choosing a home office desk type.

These are the most common types of home office desks that are sold.

Desks for home office space
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So you will probably be choosing one of most popular types of desks for home office space. Of maybe you have a custom home office desk project in mind that you want to plan and need inspiration.

Most common Types of Desks for home office space

Executive Desks Features

Generally a single work surface with space for lighting and personal belongings. The Executive desk is strong and robust. They are great for making an impression but can be quite expensive and may not look the best in a smaller home office.

Office Cubicles Could be Your Ideal Home office system

What is great about cubicles is that you can make an office within a room. So if you have a large area and don’t want to make it completely a home office space and with a few design choices you can even hide the appearance of your home office.

Working from home using a Corner Desk

When placed in the correct place a corner desk can make a great distraction-free work environment. Here are some great tips about using corner desks.

Credenza Desks Not For All Heaven For Some

These types of desks are great for some however they might feel a little claustrophobic for some people. This is an image of a generic Credenza Desk.

Have lot’s of home office space think of using a U-Shaped Desk

The U shaped desk is generally a big space user however some modern designs are more compact. They are very easy to work on with a computer or paperwork.

Generic Computer Desks for home office space a good choice

Standard computer desks we all had one and are easy to work from and can be bought quite cheaply. However it may not be

Compact Desks for limited home office space

Not everyone can afford to have a big spare room for their home office. I have even seen designs where people have converted beneath the stairs to use as a home office and used a compact desk with good storage for their home office.

Standing Adjustable Desks

Some jobs are easy to do siting while others are much easier while standing. So why should you let your desk dictate how you want to work. You can find many styles of adjustable desks on the market choose one that suits your needs.

L Shaped Desks give you 2 work spaces instead of 1

These are great if you need to do work on a computer and on paper at the same time at your desk. However they do take up quite a bit of space so you can get smaller sized L shaped desks if you need the L shaped desk design.

Laptop Writing Desks

Small and compact for just working on a laptop and not having a big monster desk in your home office could be all you need. Laptop writing desks are just that and may well be the best home office desk type choice for you.

Best desks for office space? How Much To Pay

When buying desks for home office space budget is a big factor. So before running to your local furniture retailer or a website like Amazon to buy a desk for your home office. Why not have a look on Facebook marketplace, eBay, and local auction sites selling used office furniture and pick a desk to suit your budget. You will be surprised at how cheap you can get quality used desks for home office space. Before you buy think about the following.

  • How long are you planning to use the desk in your home office?
  • If you are working from home is your boss paying you for home office furniture?
  • What type of desk suits the work you do in your home office?
  • Do you need a home office desk type for medical reasons?
  • How big of a desk do you need?
  • Choose a home office desk type that you like you are the one that has to sit at it.

Images of home office desks from Pintrest

I have created a Pinterest board of my favorite desks for home office space and will be adding more so please follow this pinboard if you wish.

Your Thoughts on the best choice of desks for home office space

What home office desk type would you like to use or are using. Do you have any types of desks that you like to work at when in your home or work office?. Please let us know in the comments.