• Stressed Eating Too Little Getting The Right Daily Calorie Intake

    Overcoming appetite loss when stressed. Tips for feeling too full after eating very little or just eating too little because you are stressed. Eating too Little Regaining Appetite When Stressed Though binge eating is a typical stress response, it’s not uncommon to lose appetite when you’re anxious. Per a 2015 APA study, 31% of the […]

  • Geting More Views And Listens On Your Music

    Getting Increased listening and views with blog posts for musicians. While it would be nice to be the most listened to artist on spotify or other audio platforms. We can’t promise you that but artists who used guitardoor have seen a rise in subscriptions and listeners. Blogging can be more productive for increasing your video […]

  • Making Better Creative Writing Story Introductions

    Writing is something that everyone has done before, whether for school, work or for the simple pleasure of it. When it comes to creative writing, however, you notice there are far fewer people who do this line of work. Why exactly is that? What makes creative writing different from other types of work? First of […]

  • Advancing Technology Counseling and Mental Health

    Gone are the days when mental health was a taboo subject. With increasing mental health awareness,people are no longer afraid to talk about their addictions and mental illnesses. Mental health plays ahuge role in your overall wellness. For starters, your physical well-being depends on a healthy mind.It’s not uncommon for mental health patients to exhibit […]

  • What Can You Do With A Blog In 227 Days

    Expecting some big list not here mate, Here I am just showing examples of what I did with this blog in 227 days. The post does build some internal link structure which I need to do here and it makes better site navigation for added user experience. Since I went back to blogging it has […]

  • Mindful When Busy Is it Possible? Try These Tips

    Life is overwhelming. Daily commutes, school assignments, work commitments; you name it, it’s easy to lose yourself to the hustle and bustle of survival and ignore life’s beauty. That’s where mindfulness comes in. By revealing your thoughts, emotions, and yearnings, mindfulness helps you act intentionally instead of impulsively. Mindfulness also facilitates overcoming addiction recovery by […]

  • 5 Ways Creativity Benefits Mental Health

    Let’s face it “Creativity Benefits Mental Health” When you think of mental wellness, some of the habits that come to mind are exercise, meditation, and healthy eating even when stressed. However, the mental health aspect that’s often overlooked: is creativity. Whether you’re creating for money or as a hobby, there is a correlation between mental […]

  • Fix Screen Overlay Display In Ubuntu

    This command fixes the problem with your full desktop screen not showing in ubuntu when your desktop is not showing the application menu on the screen. Your Linux desktop probably looks like this and you are not getting the correct resolution so the application menu and other things at the side of your screen is […]

  • Overlooking Visitor Traffic Acquisition Strategies On New Blogs

    When you start a blog one thing you will want is visitors. Traffic Acquisition Plans seems to be is the best way to attract “as many visitors as possible”. However, planned traffic acquisition strategies are vital for the growth of a blog in the long term. In this post, we will look at the acquisition […]

  • Top Tips Mental Health To Overcome Addiction

    Addiction is destructive. Besides inviting physical complications, addiction wrecks your relationships and psychological wellbeing and may end in suicide. Addiction doesn’t always involve drugs. Sometimes, it’s the obsessive craving for food, video games, gambling, even sex. Although genetics, social influence, and underlying mental conditions play a role in your addiction, you can quit any behavior. […]