• Google Trends for Keywords Research 5 Strategies

    There’s no better way to predict client needs than understanding their internet searches. From social media pages to official websites, any company serious about staying in business should master keyword research. However, you cannot guess keywords and use them in your content; you need dedicated SEO tools to know what users ask. That way, you […]

  • Tips for Choosing a ShareASale Merchant

    Anyone looking to monetize their website must have heard of affiliate marketing. This advertisement model rewards marketers for driving traffic and sales to a merchant’s website. There are many affiliate networks you can consider for passive income. One of them is ShareASale. Established in 2000, this Illinois-based affiliate company has multiple offers for marketers. The […]

  • Understand RPM and RCPM And Its Importance

    Get to Understand RCPM and eCPM and why it is Important If you want to make more from Adsense. The first step is to understand the reports and channels RPM and RCPM ads are often confused as there are sometimes you earn without clicks but this does not happen very often for most niches. What is the […]